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Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election 2004: A Look Backwards and Forwards 

There's a certain temptation to be smug about President Bush's re-election, a tendency to gloat over his electoral and popular majority. That sort of thing is fine when you win a game of checkers or get the larger "half" of the wishbone, but there's a bigger picture here. The fact is that we're still at war with people who are literally dying to kill us, soldiers and civilians alike. Our economy, though growing strongly, could still be vulnerable to the effects of a terror attack. And Liberal Democrats, though suffering major losses in this election, are still in positions of influence, which they've repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to abuse in order to get their way. There's still an awful lot of serious work for America to do. On the other hand, watching Jon Stewart doing his ineffective best to savage a victorious President Bush on The Daily Show, I found myself laughing at Stewart, not with him. Is it childish to yell, "You lost! Boo-yah!" at the TV? Maybe so, but I did it anyway. So much for dignity and grace. After two years of enduring the most bilious, vicious, hate-driven anti-Bush rhetoric imaginable, wild, hysterical accusations and just plain childish temper tantrums from Liberals, I think just one "boo-yah" is in order.

In fact, the election of 2004 was a resounding triumph for President Bush. The way the Left (especially the "mainstream" media) was spinning things, it's a miracle he got even got votes from his parents. Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek,
admitted to the media bias on Washington DC talk show "Inside Washington" in July 2004. "The media, I think, wants Kerry to win. And I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards -- I’m talking about the establishment media, not Fox, but -- they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and optimistic and all, there’s going to be this glow about them that some, is going to be worth, collectively, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points." If the media was truly as unbiased as they pretend to be, President Bush might have won the popular vote with between 58% and 66%, instead of 51%.

Re-election was a vindication of Bush's first term as President and an acceptance of his policies, generally speaking. It was a recognition that we are at war, and that only a candidate deeply committed to proactively fighting this war should be standing for election only three years after 9/11. 86% of voters who cited terrorism as their main concern voted for Bush. It was a triumph for the "Bush Doctrine" of confronting the obvious enemies before they attack us, tax cuts as a spur to the economy, and much-scorned "traditional values."
Moral values were cited as the number one concern by 22% of the voters, and 79% of them voted for Bush.

What drove some voters to the polls
in record numbers, some who otherwise might not have voted, was the sleeper issue of gay "marriage." Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah all had measures banning same-sex marriages on the ballot. The proposals were soundly endorsed in every single state -- even socially Liberal Oregon. Bush carried nine of those states. The other big moral question at stake was abortion. Is there anyone in America who doesn't already know President Bush's stance on the issue, especially the horrific practice of partial birth abortion? It may have been moral issues alone which brought record numbers of voters to the polls in those states -- especially in Ohio. Let that be a lesson to Republicans in the future -- run on the moral issues (on which most Americans agree), not away from them.

The election was also a victory for the Second Amendment. As noted by
NRO columnist Dave Kopel, the Senate gained three gun rights advocates overall, and many pro-gun state governors gained or retained seats. It's inconceivable that President Bush would allow the United Nations to force anti-gun policies on us, which they have been trying to do for years. A President Kerry (and I can't tell you how glad I am to be writing those words in purely hypothetical terms today) might have accepted them as part of what he called "rejoining the community of nations" when the UN holds its 2006 conference on small arms in NYC.

The 2004 election was also a repudiation of not only Liberal "values," but methods as well. It was as much a rejection of Michael Moore's faked-up "documentaries" and Hollywood's limousine Liberals as anything else. It was a rebuke to foreigners who think they have the right to tell us how to vote. It was a cold slap in the face to billionaires George Soros, Peter Lewis, John Sperling and others. Together they
poured millions of dollars into anti-Bush groups like MoveOn.org and ACT in an attempt to control public opinion. I honestly believe that a backlash against "Operation Clark County" also drove some Ohio voters into President Bush's camp, and possibly some in other states as well. For those who missed it, the Guardian (a left-wing UK newspaper) gave the addresses of over 11,000 Clark County residents to its readers. The purpose was to let them personally inform the poor, benighted, ignorant Ohio Colonials that they should vote for Kerry. It's funny, when you think about how much the Left attacks Americans for interfering in the politics of other countries. From aging rock-and-rollers to vituperative hi-hop and rap "artists" to entertainers who think the sixties never ended, the Left relied on "star power" to bring in young voters... and it failed. They don't realise that young people (like most people) who engage in politics are far more likely to vote because they care about the issues than because Moby and Janeane Garofalo and Bruce Springsteen tell them to. If the Democratic candidate had actually stood for anything, he could have brought in votes. One would have to be truly naive not to see that beyond the bang and flash, Kerry was little more than an empty suit. Note to young voters: yes, the Democrats pandered to you that way because they thought you were naive, not to mention stupid and easily fooled. Remember that, in the future.

So where do the Democrats go from here? If they want to continue to be a political party of consequence, they'll divest themselves of the far-Left lunatic fringe instead of trying to embrace it. First the Liberals controlling the party will turn on John Kerry and John Edwards, like
Komodo dragons eating their young. Then they'll attack the "old style" moderate Democrats, claiming that they're too much like Republicans to draw votes. Howard Dean, once the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, claimed that he represented "the Democratic wing of the Democratic party." The Democrats have been losing ground since the 1992 election of Bill Clinton, due to the far Left. Moderate Democrats like Joe Lieberman have been slowly shunted aside, while Conservative Democrats like Zell Miller are about as hated as Jesse Helms. The only way the most Liberal Senator even had a chance in this election was with the active backing of the media, the super-rich and the entertainment industry... and he still lost.

If the Democrats continue to drift to the Left, they'll hit the rocks of irrelevance. That would be unfortunate, since (as all capitalists know) competition is what really drives improvement. If only one party is capable of
appealing to the entire country -- as opposed to primarily New York City and Los Angeles -- then the default monopoly will lead to stagnation.

This will probably be my last post to this blog for obvious reasons (unless it changes to become a more general Conservative/Republican forum), but you can always find me at
Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog. My thanks to Brian for starting this blog and letting me post here, and to the rest of you for your contributions and comments.

I'm Still Blogging 

For those who enjoyed my writing and insight on this messed up world I will keep it up at my regular Blog: It's All Downhill From Here. See you there.

Paul Drabek

Join me elsewhere 

After a break, I will be returning to my old blog, Tomfoolery of the Highest Order. I hope you'll join me there....Brian


I, like Brian, wanted to offer my congratulations and thanks to my fellow contributors and give a special THANK YOU to all of our many visitors to the site.

All you guys did a great job and I wish you all well, especially Brian, who juggled many responsiblities this year with apparent great success.

Anyone interested can reach me at Joeham.com - I'll be there ridiculing the opposition. If any of you guys want an occaisional cartoon let me know.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Our blog is nearly done 

I want to thank of all of you who have contributed to the comments and sent all the e-mails. Since I am a full-time law student, it was hard to post all the things we received. I hope you understand that.

We have had a great time doing this. I have never met the other contributors, believe it or not. They sent me e-mails at the beginning, we talked, and they joined in. Gary from JoeHam.com was our Photoshop guy, and his work was top-notch. Paul Drabek added a lot of valuable insight from the perspective of a good conservative family man. Tim did not post much due to life's demands, but offered great commentary when he did. Cavalier X was highly passionate about this effort. Mike was our pro-American Australian connection, a true friend like all Australians are to us. I was damn lucky to have them post here.

Thank God Kerry lost. I have a beautiful little baby, Emily, who I am more proud of than I could ever explain. I do not want her life corrupted by liberalism. I want her to know that America is a force for good in this world, not the source of the world's problems, like liberals think. I do not want her to think abortion is nothing different than having her toenails clipped. I want her to give me grandchildren someday, not bring home her "girlfriend" and tell me she wants to get married to her. I want her to see real Muslims like I see my old college buddies who happened to be Muslims, as good people. She will never be able to do that as long as their are scumbag terrorists who use Islam as cover, and are enabled to do so by moral relativist liberals.

I want her to proudly believe in God and love Jesus Christ, without shame or ridicule.

Most importantly, I want Emily to understand that she, and she alone, is in her control of her destiny. I do not want her to see life's failures as the fault of the government not giving her enough, or doing enough for her. I want her to have personal responsibility first and foremost.

Liberal Democrats represent everything I am not, and represent everything I do not want my daughter to be. John Kerry almost perfectly symbolized all that I am against. That is why I started this blog. We may or may not have changed one vote, but we found it very important to make people understand what kind of person John Kerry is. No one really knew him a year ago, and I was fearful that people who vote for him not knowing who he is. Luckily, thanks to more powerful people than us, people did get to know him, and rejected him accordingly.

If you are a Kerry supporter, understand this. Bush was re-elected for the same reasons that Clinton was: Their supporters believed in them even if they did not agree with all of their policies. Both were likeable, even to those who didn't vote for them. Kerry, on the other hand, simply is not a likeable guy. He is untrustworthy, and he will never be forgiven by a lot of people for what he did upon returning from Vietnam. And, complaing about how the world hates us doesn't fly here. Everyone knows France is full of assholes, and they have hated us for years. The U.N. is corrupt, and few people are interested in their opinion as well.

And, you need to dump MoveOn.org, Michael Moore, and a whole bunch of other people and groups that are dragging you down. This country needs two strong parties, and you Democrats are NOT holding up your end of the bargain. I fear anyone with too much power. I hope you learned yesterday that anger, slander, and flat-out lying is a failure. Perhaps you should take an honest look at George W. Bush. You will see that, while flawed, he is a good man and has earned America's trust. People turned out in record numbers to vote, and, as we have seen, they turned out to support him, not reject him.

In his second term, Bush has some golden opportunities. I expect that he will have both failures and successes. But I don't have any doubt that he will act with vision and moral clarity. He will keep America strong and resolute. This is I know for sure, and that is why I supported him for re-election.

America made the right choice yesterday. America almost always make the right choice. That is why we are the greatest country on Earth.

God Bless America, and never forget the lessons of September 11th, 2001.

The aftermath 

Bush has been re-elected, as we had confidently expected here. Arafat is getting worse, and I hope he is aware that Bush isn't going anywhere.

The liberals at the University of New Mexico Law School, where I attend, are freaking out. Here's a sample of what they are saying on the student forum:

Let the betting pool begin:

1) Next country U.S. will invade. I've got $50 on Syria. Iran anyone? North Korea?

2) Return of the compulsory draft. I'm putting $40 on 10 to 12 months. After the next terrorist attack.

3) Overturn of Roe v. Wade. $100 says within three years.

4) Shredding of the ESA and CAA. $35 says by the end of four years neither will have any teeth (or even dentures).

5) Privatization of Social Security at the expense of today retirees. $150 on one year or less. Who said trapeze without a safety net is such a bad thing?

6) Collapse of the federal government due to exploding budget deficit. $1000 of worthless currency says by the end of the decade.

But hey, if the Bush-loving evangelicals have their way, we should all be enjoying the Apocalypse any day now.

So, God bless and enjoy the ride!

And this:

Oh what a joyous day it is! People said they voted for him because of his moral values. If bigotry (gays bad, race and sex-based wage discrepancies good, misogyny good) and hypocrisy (abortion bad, killing Iraqi children good) constitute the American moral landscape, then we are in serious, serious trouble. The death of such bigotry and hypocrisy was what generations of MY family fought, died, and were wounded for since the civil war. So I give a big thank you to the portion of the public that upheld such selfless progress toward a more pure and and equal society by voting for Kerry and I give a big shame on you (to avoid expletives) to those who have made many soldiers including those in my family turn in their graves and nash their teeth. Enjoy your tax cuts and immoral wars.

And this:

It is a sad day today for many of us. Many of us are forced to feel like second class citizens once again.

Race and socio-economic voter suppression is alive and well and no one should discount this fact this election.

And this:

4 more years of the hope for the 'American' dream being allocated only for White Christian Heterosexuals that make over $100,000.00 a year.

And whatever this means:

Concentration Camps
Disenfranchised Voters
Thank You For Four More Years

And this:

Americans are no better than the rest of the world. Our parents worked no harder. There is no "Crusade" against terrorism (e.g. ruse on errorism). So, as you drive down the street in your SUV mowing down innocent Iraqi children, you can feel rightous because your an American, but your wrong. Your wrong. Your wrong. Your wrong. And in light of all of your self-righteous error, the world is not our friend... But, who needs friends anyway with a president like George Bush?

And my favorite, showing the "tolerance" we have come to expect from liberals:

If I believed in the devil I would go out on a limb and say those who didn't vote for Kerry are associated with the devil. However, I will say they are either associated with evil or just plain ignorant. Apparently, the number one issue driving votes was moral values and 80% of those people voted for Bush. If this is what drives people to vote for their president, then they are either evil (evangelicals) or ignorant (the rest of the christians). Hell, you have to be ignorant to believe in Christianity.

Unlike the anonymous forums, I know most of the people who wrote these. And they are damn good people. I have tried to argue with them, but it isn't worth the effort.

How the Second fared last night. 

Good piece here regarding the implications of last night's results on gun rights.

PS. Blogger sucks.

Viva La Bush Revolution! 

What a pretty picture. With the plethora of red counties it's easy to say that America truly is Bush Country!

It's party time tonight but tomorrow we to pull up our sleaves and get some real work done like privitizing Social Security for people like me and driving a steak into the heart of the IRS by redoing the tax system.

Brian, Tim, Gary & Mike our job here is done. It's Miller (or for me a nice German Beer) time!

Have Fun!

Paul Drabek

What I Learned From This Election 

It truly is a great day in America and I haven't been this giddy and happy outside of sex, my wife, my son or roller coasters in ages. As you can see I'm thrilled to have George W. Bush as my President for four more years.

Here are a few things that I learned in the past twenty-four hours from this election:

Exit Polls are about as accurate as tossing a coin. Hopefully this election is the last we see of them.

To those who have been screaming "Selected Not Elected" you've got to get yourself a new catch phrase because Bush was soundly elected.

George W. Bush is the first President since his father in 1988 to get elected with over 50% of the votes.

John Kerry is decent enough not to sue for the Presidency. He surprised and impressed me by conceding. I guess he's human and decent after all.

It is going to be sad not being called an "idiot" or a "Neanderthal" by Teresa Heinz-Kerry anymore.

America and Americans love Iraqis and Afghans because we chose a President who wants to stand by them and give them the freedom, democracy and prosperity that all of us have and take for granted.

Who were last night's biggest losers? Of course the French, Germans, United Nations, Kim Jong Ill, Iran, Kofi Anan, terrorists and Osama Bin Laden.

America loves Bush!

To the liberal media who have been firing all of their barrels at President Bush and conservatives in print, movies, music, television and news for a year and a half to take a line from the movie Labyrinth: "You have no power over us".

Michael Moore...Loser! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did America choose President Bush but they also gave the Republicans a larger lead in the House and Senate as well as booting Tom "obstructionist" Daschle out of office. Can you say "mandate"?

Hey Osama, we rejected your little truce so you might want to look into buying four more years worth of subscription to "Better Holes & Caves" magazine.

It looks like George W. Bush has caused some unemployment since the Kerry campaign staff and John Edwards are now unemployed.

I haven't fallen so soundly asleep so quickly as during Kerry's concession speech. Thank god he wasn't elected because I'd have slept through the next four years.

"W" Stands for "Winner".

Americans are smart enough not to listen to Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Alec Baldwin, Janine Garofolio, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen and the rest of the Hollywood leftists in anything concerning real life. Our message to them is "shut up and entertain us".

America and Americans truly kick ass!

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.



Via Joeham

It is 3:00am in New Mexico 

Let's see: I've been up for nearly 24 hours, and I am going to bed. John Kerry is a scumbag, who needs to come to terms with the fact that he lost, and concede. I really wanted to see Bush come out and declare victory tonight. To paraphrase Al Gore, "This blog continues."

See you tomorrow.

CNN is still at it 

Wolfie just promised to come back and explain to the 9 people watching CNN why they say New Mexico is too close to call even though Bush is up 11,000 votes with 99% of the vote in. It will be 1000 words of bullshit, when he really is saying, "If we call it for Bush, then we have to say Kerry lost. We can't do that just in case he gets a liberal judge to give him 170,000 votes in Ohio."

Look at that 

Bush's lead is increasing exponentially in New Mexico. And that's that.


Kerry made up about 20,000 in the last 1% of the votes here in New Mexico. Tell me that doesn't smell from here to Las Cruces.


Bush has won Nevada too. Where's the call from the MSM? Nowhere to be found.

Is it me? 

Or is the Ohio lead for Bush increasing? It's up to 169,000 votes or so now.

The death of the mainstream media 

America has rejected the mainstream media. The way the media is refusing to call the election for Bush when it is clear that he won, and that Kerry's legal challenge is absolutely frivolous, they are on their last legs in this country. Bush hs won the Electoral College, and has won the popular vote by nearly 4 million. Yet, the media is acting like it is 3 in the afternoon and there is no reason to call anything. Imagine if the roles were reversed. The media would be screaming for Bush to "unite" the country and concede so we can start the healing.

I am convinced without blogs and the internet, Bush would not have won today. The mainstream media is over. They have dug their own grave.

Someday, these people will reflect on what they have done, and will kick themselves for going in the tank for a pure scumbag loser jerkoff like Kerry.

And it is not just them. Yahoo.com is refusing to call New Mexico for Bush, even though they have Bush up 25,000 votes with 103%(?) of the precincts counted.

The comedy never stops 

This picture is on the front page of the New York Times website:

Here's the caption: Bush supporters after a long night in Washington.

What can I possibly say that you don't already know. The bias never ends. Think of it like this: if this is what Bush supporters look like, can you imagine what Kerry supporters look like right now?

The talking points are out 

Expect to hear some variation of "Bush has no mandate to impose his social/domestic agenda" over the next few days.

[Update: I just hear the 3rd Democrat guest in a row use the "no madate" talking point. F'n Democrats are all the same]

Another hilarious headline 

This ranks right up there with the Michael Moore howler:

Kerry Sends Edwards With Message of Hope

The AP is beyond parody.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Why won't Fox make the call? 

Bush is going to win Nevada and New Mexico, and go over the 270 EV's. New Mexico should have been called by now. I guess they are afraid of the criticism they will surely get. A damn shame they have let the sore loser liberals get to them.

More good news 

Thune is running away from Daschle. My prayers ave been answered.

CNN is shameless 

CNN is saying that "we go to bed with Kerry ahead 262-249" and has New Mexico as a blue state? Don't they even read their own results? They are just a shameless bunch of assholes.

Now here's the wonder Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe. You know he is watching his last chance for a Supreme Court appointment going down the drain, and is trying to come up with anything that will make Kerry look legitimate in his challenge.

Edwards is a scumbag loser 

Introduced as the "Next Vice-President of the United States?" Who are they kidding?

Someone tell this shyster that the votes have been counted, and they lost. Take a look at the man. He knows they lost. You can see it in his eyes. A real lowlife scumbag.

Here come John Edwards 

I can't wait to hear this stand-up routine.

This is outrageous 

CNN, CBS, NBC are ridiculous. Now they are providing cover for Kerry to sue.

Bush should just declare victory and go to bed. If he were a scumbag Democrat, he surely would have done so by now.

While Juan Williams, the in-house PBS hack sitting in the FOX studios, says that he does not see a "popular mandate" for Bush. A 3-million plus majority just ain't enough for these jackass liberals.


Word is that there's a big conference up on Beacon Hill in Boston at the Posh Heinz-Kerry residence on what to do. Senator Kennedy is there and maybe in some booze induced haze he will remember that Nixon conceded to his brother in 1960 over considerably less of a margin than this and maybe Kerry should do the same.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Bush lead in Ohio grows... 

..while John Edwards is coming out to say it is not going to be over tonight. Finally, Kerry has a use for him.

This, my fellow Americans, is the state of the Democratic Party.

Now, who is the "divider?" Democrats are trying to turn our country into a banana republic. What a bunch of shameless jerkoffs.

Our website is projecting... 

...Bush as the winner of the 2004 election. We have more integrity than Rather and CNN.

I'll give NBC credit 

They are way ahead of CNN, and Brokaw, unlike Rather, seems to care about his reputation, especially since he is retiring soon. And, Tim Russert is top-notch, a man worthy of respect. They have the near complete vote total of Ohio, with Bush up about 123,000 votes. CNN is still saying that there are 378,000 uncounted votes.

Now I am watching Rather. He looks flustered and is trying to keep the faith. Give it up Dan.

Now Iowa has problems? 

Now, CNN is talking about the problems with paper ballots. Oh Please!! Every voting machine is broken, but only when they say Bush is winning. Stop it.

We all know why Iowa is being held up. This way, Kerry is within the Ohio margin of victory, and has a plausible excuse to continue. At best, the Democrats hope to cheapen Bush's win as much as possible for the Supreme Court nomination fights that are coming soon.

CNN is a joke 

No wonder FOX is kicking their asses all over the place. Aaron Brown looks like his dog got hit by an SUV, and Wolfie Blitzer is still trying to put out a Kerry wins scenario. Pa-f'n-thetic.

Now, they are talking about how we are going to have to wait 10 days for the provisional ballots and (HAHAHAHAHAHA) military ballots may help Kerry.

Now, CNN just yelled "Ohio is too close to call." They should called themselves KNN now. A green state? What the f is that?

Now Judy Woodruff says that 104,000 vote margin is not enough with 387,000 votes are outstanding. So basically Kerry would have to take like 80% of those minimum of what's left. Uh, not likely.

Wolfie just said other news organizations have called Ohio for Kerry. Who? CBC? Al-Jazeera? PBS? Dan Rather?

By Any Means Nececcary 

"The vote count in Ohio has not been completed. There are more than 250,000 remaining votes to be counted. We believe when they are, John Kerry will win Ohio." -Mary Beth Cahill, John Kerry's Campaign Manager
Just as expected the Democrats are rolling out their attack dogs, their lawyers to sue their way into the White House. Even if the provisional ballots are counted Jerry has to get about 80% of them at least to win. Just do the right thing like Nixon did in 1960 and concede. It's really sad that Nixon; the crook knew more than the current Democrats to do the right thing. Oh well, in the long run I think this will kill the Democrats and open the way for some other party to take their place.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.


Iowa has Bush up with 92% of the vote, while New Mexico has Bush up with 88%. I need New Mexico to put him over the top, not Iowa.

I will stay up all night if necessary... 

...in order to see Kerry's concession speech. I have read a few places that he is going to fight the vote. If he does, he'll only sink the Democrat Party even more. The "Bush stole the election" crap will not fly anymore. Hell, it never really has except with the sore losers.

I suspect Kerry will concede only when it is so late that few people, even in California, will see it.

I love this 

Next to the headlines, "Bush Wins," "Daschle Loses," and "Bush Wins New Mexico," this will end up as my favorite headline of the day:

Florida Voting So Smooth, Michael Moore Packs Up, Leaves

Bush's lead in NM is growing 

Fox should be calling the election for Bush any moment now.

If you care 

Here's the ongoing results for New Mexico, which I am praying is that state that pushes Bush over the top.

We're There 

Bush has reached 269 Electoral Collge votes which means that if Kerry wins everything else it will go to the House which is controlled by the Republicans so I just want to say Boo Yah!!!

Now is the time for Kerry to do what's right and seriously think about not putting the nation through the hell that was 2000 for his personal gain.

I asked for 3 things in my prayers 

1 - Bush to win. It looks more and more like I am going to get my first prayer answered.

2 - Daschle to lose. That is looking better and better by the minute.

3 - Bush to win New Mexico. I did not want my fellow law students at U of New Mexico to have something to hang their hat on. That is looking good too.

Iowa a dead heat 

I've been using the C-SPAN page to keep up to date.


Michigan is closer than Ohio, yet the networks have no problem acting like Kerry has it won, while still trying to explain all the scenarios of how Kerry will win Ohio.

I can just see it now 

Kerry will pull the same Gore line, "Our campaign continues" and try to sick the lawyers on Ohio. He'll scream about minority voter disenfranchisement, voter intimidation, the usual crap. I hope he is decent enough to give it up properly when the time comes, which looks like it is soon.


According To Fox News Bush has taken Ohio and needs just three more Electoral College votes which he'll get from Alaska or New Mexico. Yo Kerry, you might want to dust off your concession speech!

Fox has projected Ohio for Bush 

I think my adopted home of New Mexico may just put Bush over the top. How sweet that would be. I'd walk into UNM Law School tomorrow with my head so high, I'd hit the ceiling.

Meanwhile, my local news station KRQE is talking about how New Mexico could put Kerry over the top.

And Tom Brokaw is still keeping the faith. Thankfully, the CBS affiliate is showing local news, not Dan Blather.

As far as I can tell, no one else besides FOX has called Ohio for Bush. Michael Moore has himself a new conspiracy theory to sell at $35,000 a pop.

Where's Waldo? 

Has John Edwards done anything for Kerry? He didn't help in North Carolina, you never saw him on the campaign trail, and despite all the media hype, trying to make him out to be something he isn't, he's been nothing but an empty suit.

Ohio is coming to the wire 

But it looks to me that Bush can pull it out and with enough votes to "lawyer-proof" the win. Then again, with the Democrats, who knows.

After this is all over, I will post a few video opinions for fun.


Bush Takes Florida!!!!!

I bet it sucks to be hanging with Kerry right now.

We called it first 

Bush takes Florida!!! (OK, it was no big deal)

Kerry is done 

I am now sure of it. Susan Estrich looks like her parrot got eaten by the neighbor's iguana, and she is running out the usual Democratic lines. The sound of her pathetic voice is even worse than usual.

PBS's Juan Williams looks no better.

Getting There 

Here are the current results:

Bush: 210 Electoral College Votes 36,039,295 Popular Votes

Kerry: 144 Electoral College Votes 34,127,023 Popular Votes

With 97% reporting in Florida Bush is still up 52% to Kerry’s 47% so unless something big happens the money is on Bush taking Florida. So if he gets Florida what does he need to get to reach the magical number of 270? By my figures if he takes Ohio (Currently 52% Bush to 48% Kerry) , Colorado (Bush 52% to Kerry’s 47%) and New Mexico (Bush 52% to Kerry’s 46%) Bush takes it all with 271 Electoral College votes. Go Bush!

If you need some laughter 

Stop by the Democratic Underground.

We are projecting... 

...that Bush wins Florida, and with more than enough to send the lawyers home tonight. Thank God.

Gee, only Dems seem to have this problem 

Either Democrats are the stupidest sons-of-bitches out there, or they are lying their asses off. (Probably both, come to think of it)

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Voters nationwide reported some 1,100 problems with electronic voting machines on Tuesday, including trouble choosing their intended candidates.

The e-voting glitches reported to the Election Protection Coalition, an umbrella group of volunteer poll monitors that set up a telephone hotline, included malfunctions blamed on everything from power outages to incompetent poll workers.

But there were also several dozen voters in six states — particularly Democrats in Florida — who said the wrong candidates appeared on their touch-screen machine's checkout screen, the coalition said.

In many cases, voters said they intended to select John Kerry but when the computer asked them to verify the choice it showed them instead opting for President Bush, the group said

How come the machines never seem to accidentally vote for Kerry when someone meant to vote for Bush? Here's your answer:

Ralph G. Neas, president of People for the American Way Foundation, which helped form the coalition, called the summary screen problem "troubling but anecdotal."

He and other voting rights advocates said the disproportionate number of Democrats reporting such problems was probably due to higher awareness of voter protection coalitions

Neas isn't an "advocate," he's a far-left scumbag who is pissed off that he hasn't been invited to The White House since Clinton relocated. But, the tactic is brilliant. Absolutely no real proof is required. I was told and my polling place this morning, do not hit the VOTE button until you are sure you have voted for your preferred candidates. If you have any problem, notify use immediately.

I am so tired of this shit. If you are stupid, don't blame the evil Republicans. But, we all know you aren't stupid, you are full of shit.

After Bush wins tonight... 

Expect to see a lot of articles like this over the next few days:

Kerry Overpowers Bush on Black Vote

If you are black, ask yourself why you support the Democrats when they and their liberal pals treat you like infants.

8:50 pm MST 

I just made the flight back from Phoenix (yeah, flew there and back today) and was out of the loop for about 75 minutes. It felt like a lifetime. I am feeling cautiously optimistic right now.

Remember, it's all about Ohio and Florida. The rest is gravy.

100 To Go 

Here are the current results:

Bush: 170 Electoral College Votes 12,888,474 Popular Votes
Kerry: 112 Electoral College Votes 11,154,131 Popular Votes

Bush has just 100 Electoral College Votes to go and Kerry has 158. My boy is looking good and is still keeping his lead in Florida with over 50% of the precincts reporting. Go Bush!!!

7:30 PM (Central) Update 

Here are the current results:

Bush: 89 Electoral College Votes 4,331,441 Popular Votes
Kerry: 77 Electoral College Votes 3,452,236 Popular Votes

Keeping It Rolling 

Here are the current results:

Bush: 39 Electoral College Votes 1,152,473 Popular Votes
Kerry: 3 Electoral College Votes 829,405 Popular Votes

Bush has picked up Georgia and West Virginia

Bush gets West Virginia 

This is another good sign, WVA being called so soon. How often did we hear that Kerry had a chance to win there.

And, not only does the military despise Kerry, just look at how the stock market reacted to the mere thought that Kerry could win:

U.S. stocks jarred by early call favoring Kerry

NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- U.S. stocks staged a sharp reversal Tuesday, with blue chips sliding into negative territory and the Nasdaq paring gains amid reports that John Kerry is putting in a strong early showing at the polls.

"The only thing I can see is that the Drudge Report shows the preliminary exit polls showing Kerry within striking distance," said Jay Suskind, director of trading of Ryan, Beck & Co.

Miller Tabak equity strategist Peter Boockvar said there was a "sort of panic" as traders heard the news of Kerry's lead

Worst economy since Herbert Hoover? The people with real money at stake sure think otherwise.

Let's Get This Started 

Get out your handy dandy Electoral College cheat sheet because Bush has just been given Indiana and Kentucky for a nice start of 19 EC votes! It's so nice to be in a state where my vote actually counts unlike when I lived in Illinois where any Republican vote is automatically cancelled out by two people raising from their graves and naturally voting Democrat.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Pay attention to this 

The CBC has a good interactive graphic for you to watch actual vote totals later tonight. As of right now, some of the Indiana and Kentucky numbers are in. As expected, Bush is up big there.


With tonight being the Super Bowl of politics and so much riding on this election expect a plethora of posts from me throughout the wee hours. As we all grid up for a battle larger than 2000 with John Kerry and his 10,000 lawyers frothing at the mouth to sue their man into office here's some food for thought from Sir. Winston Churchill:
"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains."
Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Calm down people 

Many people are getting upset over some exit polls. Why? They are run by the same news outlets that are in the tank for Kerry. Their entire objective is to depress Bush supporters, and have them think, "Bush is losing anyway, so why should I wait an hour or two to vote for nothing." You all know better.

Let's see some real vote totals, not numbers from some hacks asking people to tell them who they voted for after they walked out, before we get too nervous here. Nervousness is good. We all should be nervous. Just be realistically nervous. In 1996, I told an exit pollster I voted for Perot.


Friends Don't Let Friends 

I was given this bumper sticker a few weeks ago and feel that it's extremely fitting today.

Remember when you vote for a Democrat you're the one who ends up being a jackass.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's blog.

More ridiculous polls 

As if we haven't heard enough about polls, now we get the usual "exit polls." Tell the news outlets to shove them up their asses. Give me real numbers please.

My hometown hasn't changed a bit 

It has been nearly 4 years since I left my home in Philly to move out west. I went to Tempe, Arizona for 3 years and now I am in Albuquerque. I've changed, but my home of 29 years sure hasn't:


Before voting even began in Philadelphia -- Republican poll watchers believed they found nearly 2000 votes already planted on machines scattered in heavy-minority locations throughout the city.

Republican poll watchers claim:

One incident occurred at the SALVATION ARMY, 2601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa: Ward 37, division 8.

Pollwatchers uncovered 4 machines with planted votes; one with over 200 and one with nearly 500...

A second location, 1901 W. Girard Ave., Berean Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, had 300+ votes already on 2 machines at start of day.

ANOTHER INCIDENT: 292 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 7/7: ADDRESS: 122 W. Erie Ave., Roberto Clemente School, Philadelphia, Pa..

ANOTHER: 456 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 12/3; ADDRESS: 5657 Chew Ave., storefront, Philadelphia, Pa...


The Kerry Campaign says reports of votes already on machines are 'false.'

"Serious news will not appear first on the DRUDGE gossip website," senior Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart told reporters.

Officially, election officials explain the discrepancy is being caused by a number showing how many times various machines have been used.

But officials could not explain why used machines in other locations were reportedly 'clean.'

Elsewhere, a gun was purposely made visible to scare poll watchers at Ward 30, division 11, at 905 S. 20th St., Grand Court. Police were called and quickly surrounded the location...


These "officials" know damn well why machines in other locations were "reportedly 'clean.'" The tainted machines are all in minority neighborhoods, strategically placed. This way, when Republicans complain, the Democrats can scream "minority voter suppression." It is a joke. I know how Philly works, and I'd bet a month's pay that these are the only machines that were caught. I am damn sure there are many more like them.

My voting experience 

I got out of bed at 4:40 a.m. and went to the polling place at 5:45. I was the 3rd person in line (my family met me there) at the Paradise Hills Community Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The polls opened at 7:00 and we were done by 7:15. When I walked out, the line was like nothing I have ever seen. It went down three hallways and snaked throughout the gymnasium and out the door. I loved it. It was great to see my community respond like that.

I voted, of course, for Bush. I also voted for Heather Wilson, to changed the name of the school for the blind to the school for the visually impaired, for honorably discharged veterans to get a property tax exemption, for money for the library, for every Republican judge, and for the funds to build a road extension we need. I voted against pay raises for the legislators. (Tell them to get a real job if the pay sucks) I voted against retention for each judge up for retention, every bond issue, and left the slots blank where the Dems were running unopposed and where a Dem was running against a Green.

Tell us about your voting experience.

Get Out... 

... and vote especially if you're going for the candidate who didn't "vote for the 87 billion before he voted against it". I got up early and hit the polls and am proud to say that I voted to re-elect President George W. Bush and I expect all of you Bush Supporters whether you be Republicans, Democrats or Independents to get to the polls and do the right thing...Vote Bush!

I Voted... Did You?

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Monday, November 01, 2004

It is now up to you 

Vote time is here. All the polls and talk means nothing now.

We are getting up at 5 a.m. to get in line for the 7 a.m. poll opening here in New Mexico. I have an 8:45 flight to Phoenix. If I don't make it, then so be it. I'll be back on my rocking chair by 8:15 MST, and will be blogging often tomorrow night.

I expect that tomorrow night will bring a Bush victory, as evidenced by my prediction below. I refuse to believe that this country will turn over the Presidency to a one-world Socialist who does not believe in American Exceptionalism. Instead, that joke of a liberal thinks that the United States is just another land mass on the globe. I trust that more than enough Americans see things like I do, and will stand with Bush.

Use the commetns to tell us about your voting experiences today. Tell us where you are and what you are seeing.

Vote Bush.

Vote Thune in South Dakota 

If you are in the beautiful state of South Dakota, please, PLEASE get out and vote for Jim Thune. Tom Daschle has got to go.

And Daschle is shitting a brick. Read the top-notch blog Daschle v. Thune for this laughable lawsuit Daschle filed. Only a Democrat could see "note-taking" as an intimidation tactic.

Test time 

Take The "John Kerry"/"Michael Moore"/"Osama Bin Laden" Quiz.

The Timeline of Kerry's incompetent campaign 

Chris Lynch has today's must-read.

Interperting Osama 

Since Osama Bin Laden crawled out of his hole and saw his shadow last week it seems that we've got six more weeks of Jihad ahead of us. Listening to his message there was an interesting bit that needs to be discussed.
"Your security is up to you, and any state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security."
Basically he's saying that if a state goes for Bush as my state Indiana is going to guess what you've going to have a higher risk of a terrorist attack than a state that votes for Kerry because Kerry wants to push forward a foreign policy of appeasement and retreat.

Fuck what Osama says. I'm still voting for Bush because as an American I do not cave into the demands of assholes that haven't seen the light of day for years for fear of one of our precision guided munitions sending him to Allah.

Remember tomorrow is the day we can all make sure Osama Bin Laden stays in his cave for four more years...vote Bush!

My prediction 

Here is how I see the Electoral College shaping up:

And your prediction is?

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why Bush is going to win - Part Two 

- Ohio is a Republican state, with a Republican governor, Republican legislature, and, outside of Cleveland, is full of gun-toting, America-first conservatives. The crowds (see below) have shown up in huge numbers for Bush. Kerry, on the other hand hasn't been filling up areas or stadiums. I don't what the polls say. Ohio goes for Bush.

- Didn't we here from the entire Democratic establishment (especially that tool Terry McAuliffe) that getting rid of Governor Jeb Bush in Florida in 2002 was Job 1 for the Democratic Party? Didn't we hear how Jeb was going down, they were sending a message to W, etc? Well, Jeb won in a landslide, and carries a 70% approval rating today. Blacks and Jews have caught on to the Democrats, and the vote total will reflect that. USA Today and CNN will trumpet all day Monday how their polls of people who have already voted has Kerry up 8 points. Big f'n deal. That is the current equivalent of calling Florida for Gore an hour before the polls close in the heavily Republican panhandle. It is an attempt to lower the pro-Bush morale. The facts are all right in front of us, and Bush wins Florida.

- Just look at where Bush and Kerry have been over the last few weeks: Ohio and Florida, 2 states Bush won in 2000, and Iowa, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all Gore states in 2000. Would Bush be wasting his time in some or all of those blue states if he didn't have a real chance to win? Of course he wouldn't. Recently, the media tried to give out the impression that Arkansas and Missouri were back in play. If that were true, why hasn't Kerry appeared there? The Bush campaign has responded quickly to those opportunities, while Kerry did not. Why is that? Kerry is running a lousy campaign, but his people aren't stupid. They would have had Kerry (or least Edwards) in Arkansas and Missouri if they were back in play. That they didn't tells you all you need to know. On the other hand, if Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin were not real opportunities, Bush would not have wasted any time there when Ohio is worth 20 electoral votes.

- More to follow.

Why Bush is going to win - Part One 

Bush is going to win on Tuesday. There is little doubt in my mind. I must admit that I get nervous from time to time, but I always go back to what I see, not what I hear, and feel better again. The reasons why Bush is going to be re-elected are many, and I wlll give you a few of them.

Look at the crowds coming to see Bush as compared to those going to see Kerry. Tonight, on Halloween, 47,000 people showed up to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. In Columbus, the Nationwide Arena was packed to the rafters the other day. Over 30,000 at the Silverdome in Michigan. Over 23,000 at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Over 40,000 at Altell Stadium in Jacksonville last week.

And here is my favorite example, after the 3rd and final debate at my alma mater Arizona State:

PHOENIX (AP) — More than 44,500 people — many waving pom poms and signs — crowded into Bank One Ballpark on Wednesday to watch the presidential debate and to hear from President Bush in person.
Similarly, Democratic nominee John Kerry was greeted by cheering crowds at Tempe Town Lake near Grady Gammage Auditorium, where the debate was held. The throngs of supporters interrupted him at least once chanting his name.

He used the rally of at least 10,000 people, many of whom appeared to be college students, to criticize Bush's debate responses on health care and jobs.

I have been to Tempe Town Lake many times, and was skeptical of the number, so I talked to a few friends from ASU who support Kerry, and they laughed when I asked them if it was at least 10,000. (And, notice the confidence the writer uses when citing Bush's totals, and the "at least" qualifier for Kerry's.) They said closer to 5,000.

My friends, believe what you see, and not what the pollsters or the hacks tell you. The only crowd of real substance to come out and see Kerry was Madison, Wisconsin. However, think about it. Bruce Springsteen was playing there. I'm from Philly, and everyitme Springsteen announced 12 shows in Philly, they sold out in 5 minutes. I do not for a second believe Kerry could have drawn 25% of that crowd with Springsteen.

No one is forced to go out and see Bush or Kerry. The enthusiasm for Bush is huge and real, and the enthusiasm for Kerry just isn't there. The proof is there for all to see.

At the pumpkin patch 

On the left is my niece Shannon, and on the right is my little angel Emily, at McCall's Pumpkin Patch in Moriarity, New Mexico.

Halloween Fun 

This is my almost-11-month old daughter Emily in her Halloween costume.

Opinions Are Like 

'We didn't start out with negative ads calling George Bush a cokehead, I'll do it now.' - Chris Heinz

Well you might think that our President is a "cokehead" but here's what I think. Since you can't question President Bush's record because your step-father has a stunningly bad one all you have left are names to throw. Keep throwing them because all it does is show America how hollow the Kerry/Edwards ticket really is.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

The War on Terror: Chess or Checkers? 

As it always was in reality, terrorism is now understood to be the dominant issue of the 2004 campaign. The Left tried to make gay "marriage," fake 1970's memos and flu shots seem more important, but most of us have always known that when our lives are at risk, no single issue can match the significance of national security. Our safety shouldn't BE reduced to a campaign issue, but because the Democrats are desperate for a way to attack the President, it is. Just days before the election, Osama bin Laden reared his ugly head to read what sounded like Democrat talking points as penned by Michael Moore. Liberals, of course, voiced their affected outrage that he is still alive after three years, although they're happy enough to use his continued existence as a political bat to swing at President Bush's knees. Ask them how long it took to track down the Unabomber, though, and get a blank stare. It was 18 years from the first of Ted Kaczynski's 16 bomb attacks on 25 May 1978 until his arrest on 3 April 1996. Similarly, it was 7 years between Eric Rudolph's 1996 Olympic bomb attack in Atlanta and his arrest in 2003. Both of those men were living right here in the US, not in a hostile country half a world away, yet it took years to bring them to justice.

What's really important is the way bin Laden's message has changed. Pay attention to such statements as "Any state that does not mess with our security has naturally guaranteed its own security." Isn't that a far cry from the threats and exhortations
he made in February 2003, a month before the Coalition entered Iraq to remove Saddam? In that tape, he spoke directly to the terrorists in Iraq (whom the Left insists were not there), telling them that American soldiers were cowards. "Our mujahedeen brothers in Iraq," he said to them, "don't worry about American lies concerning their power and their smart bombs and laser ones." Bin Laden spoke of establishing "the rule of Allah on Earth" and urged his followers to "fight ye against the friends of Satan" in 2003. Now, he begs for a truce, hoping for a badly-needed breathing space in which to regroup, rebuild and recruit. We must not give him that reprieve, especially now that he wants it badly enough to ask.

The War on Terror is not a rhetorical device, as
some on the Left have called it for political purposes. Terrorism has certainly never been a "nuisance," either... at least not to the thousands of unsuspecting innocents who have died in terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists over the last quarter-century. It's also not a manhunt for some sort of comic book Super Terrorist. Killing bin Laden or any other single person will not stop global terrorism from being used as a tool by the leaders of rogue nations. It's the only way to fight their more powerful enemies -- like us -- indirectly and without culpability. Not even killing or capturing every member of al-Qaeda would do so, though al-Qaeda's purpose is to coordinate terrorist groups around the world (hence their name, which means "the base"). Other terrorists would fill that void, whatever they call their particular group. The global reach of terrorism is a function of countries working with these groups, and it is they who must ultimately be confronted. They must be convinced to give up their support of terrorism, either through diplomacy (as in Pakistan and Libya) or by force (as in Afghanistan and Iraq). Which path will Syria and Iran choose? The ball is in their courts.

And in the most important way, it's in ours as well. Soon we will choose the way in which we fight terrorism in the future. That's exactly what this election comes down to. John Kerry's dogged reliance on international agreements and law enforcement methods would be a return to the same ineffective methods of dealing with terror we employed all through the 1990's. While ignoring the nations sponsoring terrorism, we wasted our efforts in arresting and prosecuting individual terrorists as though they were common criminals... as though they were no more than the "nuisance,"
John Kerry claimed they once were. No terrorist attack was ever deterred by the fear of arrest or prosecution. In fact, very few terrorist attacks were prevented by purely law enforcement methods at all. If that method of dealing with terrorism were effective, 9/11 would never have happened.

It's clear that Afghanistan and Iraq were the first parts of an overall strategy to confront nations that sponsor global terror, a strategy that John Kerry would not energetically pursue. Iran is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. Once both Afghanistan and Iraq are firmly under the control of their own people, our allies will surround Iran. If Iran continues to harbor and sponsor terrorists and build nuclear weapons, we will only need to
blockade the Straits of Hormuz -- their main transportation route for oil exports -- for their economy to be in danger of collapse. The only cure for terrorism is democratic reform, and Iran is already on the verge of a democratic revolution. Once Iran gives up its sponsorship of global terror and pursuit of banned weapons, North Korea will have lost all of its main customers for illegal weapons and partners in proliferating nuclear knowledge -- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Iran. With no outlet for its only exports, North Korea's economy will also face collapse, unless they fully dismantle their nuclear weapons programs.

the rest of the article (yes, there's more)
Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Halloween 

My family's votes and why 

I'd love to hear a few family stories in the comments, especially if you support Bush and you have a family member supporting Kerry, or vice-versa. As for my family:

Stephanie: (NM voter) Finds Bush more pleasant and likeable. Like his values. Only watched some of the 3rd debate, and she HATED Kerry bringing up Cheney's daughter. Absolutely HATED it. Thought it was low and "scummy."

My sister: (PA voter) Bush. Likes his personality. Thinks Kerry has no personality. Says Kerry reminds her of the "bullshit artists" who tried to pick her up for all the years she was a bartender, the ones she humored but never paid any real attention to.

My mother: (NJ voter) Bush. "Kerry looks like a creep."

My father: (NJ voter) Bush. "I don't need the President to get me a job. I make my own work." He is all about taxes and terrorism. Was deeply affected by 9/11. And I mean deeply. Doesn't trust Kerry "as far as [he] could throw him."

My brother: (PA voter and registered Democrat) Bush. "I vote Democrat because the Democrats here in Philly are corrupt, and I make money from it. I'd vote for Kerry over Bush if they were running for mayor of Philly. My man Frank Rizzo would have voted for Bush."

Stephanie's Mom: (NM Voter) Bush. I have heard her curse only once. Ever. The morning of the Iowa caucuses, she saw Howard Dean on TV and said, "What an asshole." Likes Bush's faith and resolve.

Stephanie's Dad: (NM Voter) Bush. He was in the Navy from 1960-66. Enough said. Has called Kerry the following: "Asshole" "Huge Asshole" "Major Asshole" "Asshole Democrat" "A Real Asshole" and several other variations. Also said that "I don't know why they think that calling Bush a 'cowboy' is some sort of insult."

Stephanie's sister: (NM Voter)Kerry. Knows nothing about what is going on. Says "We shouldn't be in Iraq." Was a huge Dean supporter, but just couldn't get out to vote for the primary. Too busy that day.

Stephanie's Brother-in-Law: (NM Voter) Kerry. Is originally from Boston. Thinks Michael Moore is an honest man. Simply a typical uninformed liberal. Despite all that, a top-notch guy, a terrific uncle to my daughter, who absolutely adores him, as she should.

My cousin Jamie: (VA Voter) Bush: Currently in Mosul, Iraq. Voting for the guy who sent him there. So is "95% of the guys with [him there]."

My Uncle Andrew: (NJ Voter) Bush. Bush is a real leader and Kerry is "a piece of shit."

There you have it. Most of my immediate family supports Bush. One hting I am happy about. Bush lost New Mexico by 336 votes last time. The 4 votes he is getting from my family were not here 4 years ago, while the 2 Kerry votes were here in 2000, and voted for Gore.

Tell us about some of your family.

Laugh of the month 

I can't stop laughing!

“I know a great deal about the Middle East because I’ve been raising Arabian horses,” he said.

Who is that unparalleled genius? Patrick Swayze. F'n hlarious.

Interesting (for once) AP article 

Some parts of this article caught my eye.

Bush, Kerry Crisscross Midwestern States

APPLETON, Wis. - As President Bush and John Kerry crisscrossed Midwest battleground states Saturday, a new poll showed the incumbent moving ahead of the Massachusetts senator in the popular vote, and Democrats said their private surveys also hinted at momentum for the president.

Throughout the battlegrounds, Kerry's mostly paid army of organizers was pitted against Bush's largely volunteer-driven team to get supporters to the polls Tuesday.

Of course, the pro-Kerry bias comes back soon after. But I was surprised that those 2 parts got past the AP editor.

I knew Karl Rove would get blamed 

But I didn't think it would be that old, senile bastard Walter Cronkite:

Cronkite: "I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing."

Beyond hilarious.

Laugh of the day 

Read the comments of those who are supporting Kerry. Remember, these are people who are endorsing Kerry. Some of my favorites:

Andrew Sullivan - I completely understand those who look at this man's record & deduce that he is simply unfit to fight a war for our survival. They have an important point.

Washington Post - Some of Mr. Kerry's strengths strike us as potential weaknesses.

Paul Berman -I'm voting for Kerry, with no great belief that he will be a first-rate president

Daniel Drezner - I remain completely unconvinced that Kerry understands the limits of multilateral diplomacy.

Scott Moore, Slate - These times demand strong positive leadership. I don't know if John Kerry can provide it, but...

We don't even have to make it up. Kerry supporters write it for us.

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