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Thursday, September 30, 2004

A few other things 

- Kerry kept talking about "summits." Sure, the same type of do-nothing talk shop like the U.N. Just what we need.

- Someone please, once and for all, debunk the "buying body armor off the internet for birthday presents" crap. If Kerry was so cocerned, why did he vote against the funding?

- Bush made a great point about how, because we used force, we won't have to keep using it, by mentioning Libya.

- And, I really wish Bush said this: "The Senator might not think Iraq is the center of the war on terror, but the terrorists sure do."

Gut Reaction 

Here's my gut reaction on tonight's debate.

Bush did ok, I wish he'd have wiped the stage with Kerry but he stayed on message. Kerry had to hit a home run and instead of doing that he was constantly negative. He kept ripping on the President and saying "I have a plan" but never got around to spelling one out. On Iraq he was trying to play all sides of the issue by being against it and at the same time for it. He reminds me of the guy in high school that would say anything to get into girls pants. He'll say anything to anyone to get their vote whether be believes it or not.

In general the debate was a draw and I don't see any real change in the polls as a result which means Bush will win by about 8%. Good.

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The Debate 

Here's my quick thoughts:

According to Kerry, if elected:

- Jacques Chirac will trust us again, just like DeGaulle did Kennedy.

- I'll treat Kim Jong-Il like an equal.

- I'm against multilateral negotiations when Bush is for them.

- I'll be against important weapons programs just like I have been my entire career.

- I won't upset the U.N.

- The world will be happier if I am here.


- He mentioned his Vietnam service quite a few times without once saying the word "Vietnam."

- What exactly is the "global test?" Like the DeGaulle story, he will regret saying this.

Kerry did a hell of a job, I'll tell you that straight out. The problem is that he has zero credibility, and how could anyone trust anything he says? Nothing I heard either of them say was anything different than they have said a thousand times, except when Bush summed up Kerry's logic, that he would get the world to join us for the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was terrific.

Kerry sounds great, looks Presidential, but is full of shit. I yelled at the TV when he now tried to say..hold on

SHOCKER!!! CBS radio is calling it "Kerry's night," and their instant poll has Kerry steamrolling Bush. Yeah, OK. Not one person has changed their mind. The American people are not stupid. They will not all of a sudden forget whay Kerry has and hasn't done in his career.

..anyway, I yelled at the TV when he spun his vote against the $87 billion as a "protest vote." Please.

Things I wish Bush had said, but I know he couldn't because he is the President:

"Hey Dickhead, Clinton signed an agreement with North Korea that they NEVER followed, that is why they have nuclear weapons!"

"Hey dope, we need that MOAB because everyone is hiding their nukes underground."

Instead of saying, "I know how the world works," I wish Bush had said, "The U.N. are a corrupt bunch of dirtbags who are trying to fuck as at every turn."

"So, is that your position tonight?"

"I see you wiped off your tan."

Seriously, he will regret that Global Test and DeGaulle story, bank on it. Really, he won't take pre-emptive test without a global test. Bush smacked him back wonderfully on that.

Bottom line: Kerry was Kerry and Bush was Bush. Kerry is a better speaker, and Bush is a better leader. You would have to be a real tool to all of a sudden support Kerry because he spoke well tonight. You'd have to forget that he had zero consistency, and forget that he is an internationalist first and foremost, and bad for national security.

One other thing: Bush never responded that we had bin Laden surrounded. I can't imagine we pulled back from a real chance to get him.

Typical Kerry 

Kerry campaign demands that timing lights be removed from debate lecterns

The Kerry Campaign agreed to the timing lights and now they're refusing to live up to the agreement that they signed. So I guess he was for the lights before being against the lights. Typical.

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Iraq Massacre 

Did you see what happened in Iraq today?

String of Baghdad Blasts Kill 35 Children

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A string of bombs killed 35 children and wounded scores of others as U.S. troops handed out candy Thursday at a government-sponsored celebration to inaugurate a sewage plant. It was the largest death toll of children in any insurgent attack since the start of the Iraq conflict.

Don't think for a second that tonight's debate had nothing to do with this. We are dealing with pure scum. I would not be surprised if Kerry found a way to work this in tonight as a way to bash Bush.

Batter Up 

Just a reminder to everyone that the first Presidential debate is tonight at 9pm Eastern and you need to watch it.

If anything it'll be interesting to watch because with President Bush way up in the polls Kerry has to hit a home run to pull his campaign of the dive that it's in. My gut reaction is that at the best Kerry might hit a double but that will still leave him trailing badly going into the ninth inning.

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Via Joeham

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Secret Agent Man 

This evening I participated in the Moveon.org's "Leave No Voter Behind Neighbor to Neighbor Victory Drive" kickoff web cast. Now I know some of you are reaching for the phone to schedule an intervention because I've finally gone over to the dark side. Don't worry I'm still a conservative but thanks to the internet (Thank you AlGore for inventing it) and anonymous email addresses I can keep a close eye on what the Democrat's storm troopers are up to.

Here are a few points from the conference call as well as my thoughts on them:
John Kerry has momentum
Yeah and it's all downhill and heading that way faster and faster.
"We are working to elect John Kerry" Eli Pariser Executive Director of Moveon.org
I thought it was illegal for any of the 527 groups to officially work for the election of any specific candidate? I guess laws are for others.
Right wing people "hurt America" according to Howard "Yeaghhhhhh" Dean
I must be evil then.
Absentee Ballots are the preferred way to vote.
So that you can't change your mind when John Kerry loses his mind and goes down in a ball of flames a week before the election.
Single Women, Minorities and Unions are the Democrat Party's Base
No shit, they're the only bit of what's left of the shrinking pie that Democrats pander to but do nothing for.
According to Adam Ruben Moveon.org coordinates with all of the other left wing groups directly and coordinates with the Kerry campaign by following their lead from mass emails and the Kerry web site.
Any coordination is kind of illegal but it looks like laws are something that can be bent and broken as long as it serves their party. I guess it's DNC Uber Alles over at Moveon.org!
"We're taking back the country for real Americans" - Eli Pariser Executive Director of Moveon.org
So if you're not an extremist left leaning person you're not a "Real American" and after they're in office you're pretty much shit out of luck.
"Four more years of President Bush would be a nightmare" - Adam Ruben
Knowing that the members of Moveon.org are going to dread going to sleep for four more years makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There you go. I'll supply some more intel the next time I can penetrate the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Moveon.org.

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Open thread on tomorrow night's debate 

Please comment early and often about your thoughts on tomorrow night's debate.

The Time And The Place 

"I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it" - John Kerry
This morning John Kerry spoke about the above quote on Good Morning America. His explanation for it was that he voted against giving our troops body armor, higher pay and better medical coverage as a protest. You see he wants rich people to pay disproportionately more than everyone else in taxes and that's what his vote against the 87 billion was protesting for. With his "protest vote" he stabbed our troops in the back just like he did to all of his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. The real issue is that there is a time and place to protest. I have no problem with protesting but doing it in a way that hurts our troops when they are under fire is despicable especially from a potential Commander-In-Chief.

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Scare the Vote: The Democrat Campaign of Hate and Fear 

The usual Democrat campaign to "Scare the Vote" is in full swing, and they're pushing it harder than ever. Unable to convince voters to elect John Kerry any other way, the entire Left has erupted in a frantic flurry of rhetoric designed to convince every single voter in America that George W. Bush wants to personally attack him or her in some way. Hate and fear are all the Democrats have to offer voters, it seems.

Scare the Elderly: "Republicans will steal your Social Security and your Medicare!" This is an old standby. Democrats want you to forget that it was they who voted to raise taxes on Social Security in 1993, with Al Gore casting the deciding vote. (Senator Kerry voted Yes on that bill, HR 2264.) President Bush's idea of protecting Social Security while allowing those still working to save money in accounts of their own choosing would rob Democrats of their main "scare the vote" issue as the "baby boomer" generation retires in the coming years. Why not allow people to choose how their money is saved?

Scare the Sick: "Republicans won't give you free health care!" There's no such thing as "free" anything -- someone has to pay for it, and someone has to run it. How customer-driven and efficient is any government-run agency? Democrats have been trying to push socialised medicine for ages, and never seem to notice that the national health care system is failing miserably in Canada and Great Britain. Recently, a woman in Wales who had been a long-time critic of declining medical standards died of an iron overdose because the doctor "found the instructions difficult to decipher and... had only read half of them." President Bush's idea is to allow small businesses -- the real job creators in this country -- to offer their employees health plans at the same rates large corporations get. As the number of unemployed continues to drop and small businesses continue to grow, competition for workers to fill available jobs will increase. Better health care plans will be yet another job incentive in a competitive environment, like higher wages. Speaking of jobs...

Scare the Unemployed: "Republicans won't give you good jobs!" Aren't those supposed to be earned by those who are qualified and capable? As companies -- small and large -- continue to expand, there will be fewer talented people available to fill the more complex jobs, leading to competition for the most qualified employees and an initiative among workers to train for better jobs. According to a study by the Kauffman Foundation, "70 percent of new startups already employ at least one person, 80 percent plan to hire at least one more employee in the next year, and 20 percent plan to add at least 19 new employees in the next few years." Overtaxing small business owners, as Kerry would do by raising taxes on those making over $200,000 a year, would hamper expansion and kill job creation. But it would keep a nice Democrat voter base handy, dependent on entitlements, ready to be scared during future elections.

Scare the Employed: "Republicans will send all the jobs overseas!" As for jobs being "sent overseas," foreign companies send just as many jobs here as we export. (I wonder whether foreign governments use that to scare their voters?) Bush's plan is to help displaced workers retrain for open jobs, instead of forcing companies to lose money -- and forcing taxpayers to subsidise failing companies -- by keeping jobs here that can be performed better or cheaper elsewhere. The old example of buggy whips is particularly apt -- what happened to buggy whip manufacturers when cars became popular? Did the government pay them to keep people employed making whips that no one bought, until they simply went bankrupt? No... buggy whips manufacturers moved or opened in places that had no cars, and other industries sprang up in their place here, employing the unemployed buggy-whip workers. We call that "capitalism" with side orders of "competition" and "progress."

Scare the Minorities: "Republicans won't count your votes!" That's a personal message from John Kerry, who claims that Republicans have a Secret Plan to throw away black votes. Perhaps they'll drop votes marked "Negro" behind the couch where they'll never be found. Oh, wait... we don't have a place for "race" on the ballots, do we? When Democrats claim that minority votes weren't counted in Florida in the 2000 election (without having yet produced a single shred of evidence), I just have to ask why the allegations were almost exclusively made in counties where Democrats ran the election boards (24 of the 25 counties with the highest ballot spoilage rates). Those rascally Republicans!
Does the Democrat fearmongering never end? Is no interest group safe? John Kerry can't even resist the temptation to Scare Dairy Farmers: "The Republicans will hurt milk production!" Kerry recently told Wisconsin voters that Bush has -- you guessed it! -- a Secret Plan to hurt milk producers after the election.

On the other hand, maybe he was actually trying to Scare the Cows.

Read the rest of the article.
from Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

Another e-mail 

A kind e-mailer named Jed sent this, saying, "Here's your hero."

Yes, it's Bush's Yale transcript. Wow!! Bush is dumb!! This proves it!! All you have to do is forget that he not only graduated from Yale, but that he went on to get an MBA from Harvard afterward too.

Funny how no one ever mentioned back in 2000 how Al Gore flunked out of Harvard Divinity and Vanderbilt Law School, and that Kerry went to law school at Boston College because he got rejected by Harvard.

One other thing: If Bush is so dumb, what does that say about all the Democrats he has been out-smarting for the last 10 years?

Via e-mail 

I received this from someone who is either a teacher, or a student at a certain university in the great state of Virginia. I am withholding her name and school for reasons that will become obvious: Here's what she sent, and as always, my comments are in bold:

First, let me say, your webpage clearly expresses your distaste for John Kerry. I’m sure you feel like you’re helping to spread the “good word” and that your role in this world has become some how more significant, as a result of this page, but I’d like to help you sleep better at night by shedding some light your way. (I sleep just fine, but thanks anyway. And I'll sleep even better when Bush is re-elected. And, my role in the world ain't that big. We only get a 1000 hits a day. I do this because I believe in it. Besides, I'm having fun.)

I came across your webpage, by accident, while researching an article I wanted to show a fellow co-worker at the school I teach. The accident was in the key words my search picked up. You see, I read something about an individual who was a “world-class, two-faced, flip flopping dope, as well as a gaffe.” (And you are a teacher? "Gaffe" is not an adjective, it is a noun, with, appropriately, a French root. No wonder you are a Kerry supporter. You are a teacher who doesn't even understand simple English, and you want to keep your job without any accountability. The Democrats are stooges for the NEA. )But, once I clicked on your webpage I laughed out loud because I thought it was in regards to our current President. (What part of John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking! confused you into thinking this was a Bush-bashing site?)

Anyway, allow me to clarify how your headline can easily be misconstrued. In regards to how “hilarious” you think this election is, I unfortunately don’t share in your humor. (You sound like a Kerry operative, crying about getting laughed at.) This election will determine the future of the failing U.S. economy, (The economy is failing? Get real.) healthcare, (You like the service at the DMV and post office, just wait until the government controls your health care. No thanks. As is, our system is the best in the world, by far. When Kofi Annan gets sick, he'll go to a New York hospital, not a Paris hospital. Bank on that) social security, (Bush's plan is good. Take an honest look at it.) college tuition rates,(State issue. Tell them to stop giving illegals in-state tuition) school classroom size, (No one has offered more money than Bush. And, who wrote most of No Child left Behind? That two-faced backstabbing scumbag Ted Kennedy.) and most apparent: the War in Iraq and U.S. International Relations. (International Relations is a two-way street. France says "agree with us or you are not being cooperative, and being unreasonable. Just like the Democrats. Sorry that you are forced to yearn for the good ol' days of Saddam's rule.) So, you see, the humor, low-jabs, and false accusations don’t matter once it’s all boiled down. You’re looking at George W. Bush’s Presidency and Campaign as one large pot of soup cooking on a stove. It looks good from a far, but no one really knows what it’s like until they get a taste. Get closer my fellow American, stir your way through and look at the concoction your President is brewing. (I expect that I'll be enjoying that soup until January 2009. You should do what what my Mom said when she made me eat broccoli: "Learn to like it.")

As far as the names you called Kerry, I find it odd because if you put Bush and Kerry side by side the “two-faced” man is obviously George (refer to his comment about world affairs and his purpose behind invading Iraq). The “flip-flopping” man is again Bush (refer to his stance on whether or not there will be a draft or not. He stated in U.S. and World News that if it came down to a draft he felt confident his fellow Americans would sign up first; so, will you?!)(Draft? Never happen. If you do some research, you'll say that only Democrats are sponsoring legislation to return the draft. It is scare-mongering. Run that crap elsewhere.) And yes, last but not least, you called Kerry a “gaffe”. (A noun, not an adjective. See above.)Let us just skim this comparison because it’s all on the surface. Bush is much more of a public display of entertainment, for it is a fact once strongly affiliated countries used to have respect for the United States. But ever since that frat-boy took office those same countries can’t stop laughing at him and people like you. For me, this isn’t funny. I (along with millions of Americans) believe the comedy act should come to an end! The only thing Bush will win on November 2 is last comic standing. (I have a trivia question for you: When Jacques Chirac, the man whose approval you so deeply desire, said, "The position of the leader of the free world is vacant," who was he talking about? Not Bush. He was referring to Bill Clinton. Bush, Clinton, whoever. It doesn't matter. The world only loves us when we are dying, like their bullshit "support" right after 9/11. They go back to hating us when we fight back. They are gutless wussies who are so corrupt and inept, all they can do is blame us for everything. Go ask Gerhard Schroeder how that is working out these days. I don't see anyone dying to leave here, but I sure see a lot of people dying trying to get in the U.S.

Bottom line: Kerry is a joke, and we are glad to point that out every day. Perhaps our e-mailer is the victim of liberal groupthink. You know the type. They sit together, waiting in line for 90 minutes to eat at a restaurant, complaining that the economy is in the toilet. They piss and moan about Bush's "tax cuts for the rich" while they are already planning on how they'll use their tax refund to go on a Hawaiian vacation. They think that the only appropriate mention of God is when they are in the act of creating a baby that they are going to abort anyway. Teachers complain about how the education system is a mess, and it is Bush's fault, while they send their own children to private school. These same teachers are also upset about poverty while not supporting school vouchers, which would allow children whose parents are poor attend some of the same private schools their kids do. These same liberals who are upset about a few Iraqi scumbags having underwear put on their heads, yet did not give one damn while innocent Iraqis were being out in the shredders and having their tongues cut out and their arms cut off. They said Bush lied about WMD's yet forget that Kerry, Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, the U.N. all said the same thing over and over again the last 10 years.

They take everything anti-Bush as a given, like water is wet, without taking one second to examine their beliefs. The funniest thing? They act like they are the mainstream while their belief system can't win jack at the polls, and their party has been getting their asses kicked everywhere. (Hell, even Taxachussetts has a Republican governor) I almost feel sorry for liberals. Almost.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Break Out The Tinfoil Hats 

First John Kerry announced that President Bush had a "secret plan" to call up more reservists and send them to Iraq right after the election. Then he found out about President Bush's "secret plan" to disenfranchise Black voters. Then Kerry discovered President Bush's "secret plan" for a draft and now John Kerry has exposed President Bush's most nefarious and insidious plan yet...the "secret plan" to hurt dairy farmers! Oh the humanity!

It looks like not only is John Kerry lapsing in the polls but in his sanity as well. With a new "secret plan" crossing his lips on a weekly basis John Kerry has gone off of the deep end. I'm fully expecting to hear the words "black helicopters" from John Kerry in a speech while stumping sometime soon.

COMMENT POLL: What do you think the next "secret plan" will be?

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Via joeham.com

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hilarious Headline of the Day 

From CNN:

Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll

(CNN) -- Headed into their first face-to-face debate, President Bush appears to be leading Democratic Sen. John Kerry among likely voters, with a clearer edge among registered voters.

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows that among likely voters, Bush was the choice of 52 percent, while Kerry was the choice of 44 percent and independent Ralph Nader garnered 3 percent. That result was within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

In the broader category of registered voters, 53 percent supported Bush; 42 percent, Kerry; and 3 percent, Nader. That question had the same margin of error

In a related CNN story, the Philadelphia Eagles apparently are 3-0.

The Ultimate John Kerry Ad 

Make sure your sound is on and click here. Nice work by Mark Simone.

Kerry can kiss Ohio goodbye too 

Take a look at the crowd who showed up to see Bush in Ohio today. Over 50,000 people!!

Kerry has spent as much (if not more) time in Ohio as Bush, and not once has he drawn anything close to that. If he did, we would never hear the end of it from the lapdog media. Ohio is proof-positive that the more people see Kerry, the more they don't like him.

As far as I am concerned, Kerry's embarrassing midnight rally after Bush's acceptance speech doomed Kerry in Ohio.

A reminder 

This blog is run by 6 guys who have ZIP, ZERO, NADA, SQUATTA, NOTHING to do with the Bush campaign or the Republican Party. We haven't made dime one from doing this. We do it because we realize how important it is that Bush be re-elected and that John Kerry and his liberal agenda get swamped at the polls this November. Plus, John Kerry, through his own words and actions, has earned every bit of scorn, mockery, and derision he has received from this site. And it wil continue right up until Bush is re-elected on November 2nd.

As you all know, oppossing viewpoints are welcome here. The problem is, all the e-mails we get do nothing but mock Bush. I have not received one e-mail in the last 6 weeks or so that has contained an honest defense of Kerry or his policies. That is because he can't be honestly defended, and you donkey dopes who nominated him know it even better than we do.

Rejoice, however, my liberal friends. You'll have 4 more years of Bush-bashing.

Losers always sound like this 

Get this:

Kerry appeals for end to election advertising war

SPRING GREEN, United States (AFP) - Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry appealed for an end to the TV advertising war that has marked his election battle against President George W. Bush.

Well, of course he does. He is getting his ass kicked by every ad out there. The Swift Boats, Windsurfing, Flip-Flopping, etc. have beat his campaign to a pulp.

Think about it. Bush has had quite a few memorable ads. Has there been one memorable anti-Bush ad? (Excluding the MoveOn.og Bush is Hitler ad of course)

The Kerry Campaign's latest auto-response 

Get this:

Bush Mocks Kerry for 'Changing Positions' on Iraq

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (Reuters) - President Bush on Monday mocked his Democratic rival John Kerry for shifting his positions on Iraq so many times he could "debate himself" in this week's face-off between the two candidates.

Kerry response:

Kerry responded that with American soldiers' lives on the line in Iraq, it was no time for jokes.

"When U.S. soldiers are in harm's way, the American people don't want jokes and fantasy spin from their president, they want to hear the truth," he said in a statement issued from Spring Green, Wisconsin where he is preparing for the debate

Last week, after Bush unveiled the "Windsurfing" ad:

“1,000 US casualties. Two Americans beheaded just this week. The Pentagon admits terrorists are pouring into Iraq. In the face of the Iraq quagmire, George Bush runs a juvenile and tasteless attack ad.”


Mike McCurry, a senior spokesman for Kerry, demanded that Bush pull the ''shameful" ad off the airwaves, accusing the president of taking a ''lighthearted approach to the war in Iraq."

''Mr. President, this is a shameful advertisement that shows a disturbing disregard for those fighting and sacrificing in Iraq, and you should repudiate it immediately," McCurry said in a statement

See a pattern here? The auto-response used to be, "I served in Vietnam." Now, its "Iraq is a disaster."

The only disaster here is the Kerry campaign.

To All Bush Haters 

Do you really hate President Bush? Are you one of the 6 in 10 John Kerry voters that are voting not for Kerry but because he isn't Bush? Are you a die-hard Democrat or liberal? Do you hug trees? Do you hate war? Do you own a Yugo? If you answered any of these questions then you should really stick it to President Bush...by voting for him.

If you vote President Bush out of office a Democrat is going to have to clean up the mess in Iraq that Bush made and should rightly have to clean up. If Iraq spirals out of control into civil war do you really want history to blame a Democrat for it? Do you want a fine upstanding liberal like John Kerry responsible for the deaths of more American soldiers? Do you want the image of the Democrat party bloodied? No you don't, make Bush and the Republicans get crucified for it.

So liberals and Democrats on Election Day do the right thing, stick it to George W. Bush. Vote for him. I triple dog dare you!

Who knows maybe some of them will actually fall for this? Go Bush!

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Easy Money? 

Ozzy to stop swearing for Children In Need
His wife, Sharon, also appears in the advert, saying: "Ozzy is going to raise a fortune by not using swear words for 24 hours."
Ozzy not swearing for a full 24 hours! That'd be like John Kerry not talking about Vietnam for a full day. It'll never happen.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Laugh of the weekend 

Take a look at how Oliver Willis is Photoshopped as Mr. T. F'n brilliant!!

Headline of the day 

Over the brilliant Mark Steyn's column:

Kerry's looking for American failure -- and he's it

Some tasty tidbits:

- Kerry didn't show up for Allawi's visit to Washington -- he was in Ohio again, which is evidently becoming the proverbial Vietnam-type quagmire for him.

- Kerry finds himself a month before the election with no platform to run on other than American defeat. He has decided to co-opt the jihadist death-cult, the Baathist dead-enders, the suicide bombers and other misfits and run as the candidate of American failure. This would be shameful if he weren't so laughably inept at it.

- If he wasn't ''finished'' after graduating from the Institut Montana in Zug in 1955, this week John Kerry is looking finished in a far more American sense.

Your advice needed 

I receieved this e-mail a few minutes ago. I feel this guy's pain. Although I now live in Albuquerque, NM (and Phoenix, AZ for 2 days a week), I grew up in Philly and South Jersey, and know all about this:

I'm a student at Rutgers University, and I'm sick of all this Anti-Bush posters and stickers around here. I'm in the process of making hundreds of copies of Anti-Kerry posters to put around the city of New Brunswick. (If you heard in the news, NJ is evenly divided on who to vote for in the coming election). Could I use you information on your site, and could you help me on how to make an effective message to post around the city? Thanks a lot,

This site is wide-open for linking, and anything else you can glean from it to help defeat John Kerry. While our site is dedicated to mocking that dope leftist scumbag, also remember that we are also supporting Bush, and are really voting for him, not against Kerry, if you understand my meaning.

Friends, offer up your insight for our suffering pal at Rutgers:

Here's a few talking points for you:

Liberal: "Saddam didn't have WMD. Bush lied."
Response: "You mean he didn't have them other than the 10 times he used them, right? And, since Kerry, Clinton, Gore screamed for years that Saddam had WMD, and the U.N. passed over a dozen resolutions demanding he disarm, you also think they lied too, right?"

Liberal: "Bush can't win. He'll make Clarence Thomas Chief Justice!"
Response: "So what?"
Liberal: "He's unqualified!!"
Response: "Just think of it as affirmative action. That should make you feel better."

Liberal: "The Swift Boats are liars!! His crewmates know he's a hero."
Response: "Let's see: 264 against Kerry, and 2 supporting him. yeah, it's a real conspiracy, especially since the leader of the Swifties supported John Edwards!"

Liberal: "The Republicans want to take away our civil liberties!"
Response: "Let's see: Kerry sent out a cadre of lawyers to stop the Swifties TV ads and book, threatening everyone. How many lawyers did Bush sent out to stop Farenheit 911? And, who exactly has Bush tried to silence? And, who exactly is afraid of speaking out against Bush?"

And my favorite:

To liberal: "So, I should take Bush's advice when he said, "If You Don’t Believe Saddam Hussein Is A Threat With Nuclear Weapons, Then You Shouldn’t Vote For Me."'"
Liberal's guaranteed response: "Oh, yeah, you should take his advice."
Your response: "Uh, Bush didn't say that. John Kerry said it."

Readers: Add your own in the comments to help our friend.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Please help if you can 

Chief Wiggles is desperately trying to save the life of a 9-month little girl from Iraq, who desperately needs to come to the United States.

The blogosphere has a real power, and I hope you can spare 5 bucks or even a dollar to help her out. We all saw how blogs have exposed Dan Rather for the fraud that he is. Now, let's use this power to save the life of a little girl, and do what we Americans do best, help others. To hell with John Kerry's pessimism. This is the greatest country in the world, and I know Chief Wiggles will be successful with your help.

Go here to see how you can help.

Strategic Blunder 

"It (Iraq) has become a magnet for terrorism," - John Kerry on Thursday

"The invasion of Iraq was a profound diversion from the battle against our greatest enemy, al-Qaida," - John Kerry on Friday

Analyzing these two quotes and it's obvious that John Kerry just doesn't have a clue. If Iraq was a "profound diversion" then how can it be a "magnet for terrorism"? The reality of the situation is that the war in Iraq is an integral part of the war against terror because it gave us the chance to pick the time and place of our choosing to fight instead of waiting for the next attack. Instead of fighting terrorists on our shores we're fighting them in their backyard. A big plus to that is if we fought over here the body count; especially that of innocent civilians would be astronomically higher. Since we're fighting over there where most of our people have body armor, grenades, handguns and machine guns the odds are heavily in our favor and that's the genius of President Bush's war on terror.

Sadly John Kerry's plan of bringing the war on terror back to America puts more Americans than terrorists in the crosshairs. That's no way to win.

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Via Joeham

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Via the Louisiana Conservative 

A reality check from Jeff:

I ran the numbers on Iraq. I just wanted to see how we are doing
compared to other wars.

At the current rate of loss in Iraq it will take us* 84* years *72*
to match the number of deaths in Vietnam.

See the rest at


The internal polls must look really bad for John Kerry and the Democrats because they've all got their tin foil hats on lately.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he (Osama Bin Laden) turned up next month" - Teresa Heinz-Kerry

"If George Bush were to be re-elected, given the way he has gone about this war and given his avoidance of responsibility in North Korea and Iran and other places, it (The Draft) is possible. I can't tell you." - John Kerry

"He won't tell us what congressional leaders are now saying, that this administration is planning yet another substantial call-up of reservists and Guard units immediately after the election. Hide it from people through the election, then make the move." - John Kerry

George W. Bush caused the recent hurricanes due to global warming - Moveon.org email

"What they did in Florida in 2000, some say they may be planning to do this year in battleground states all across this country. Well, we are here to let them know that we will fight tooth and nail to make sure that this time, every vote is counted and every vote counts." - John Kerry

“Will Ed Gillespie or the White House admit today what they know about Mr. Stone’s relationship with these forged documents? Will they unequivocally rule out Mr. Stone’s involvement? Or for that matter, others with a known history of dirty tricks, such as Karl Rove or Ralph Reed?” - Terry McAuliffe
Have you heard more conspiracy theories this side of Area 51? I'm waiting to hear that they're blaming Bush's great poll numbers on the fact that he's channeling the spirit of Ronald Reagan during nightly séances in the west wing.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.


``The prime minister and the president are here obviously to put their best face on the policy, but the fact is that the CIA estimates, the reporting, the ground operations and the troops all tell a different story,'' - John Kerry about Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi
How disrespectful for John Kerry to insult a world leader. Basically John Kerry is calling the Iraqi Prime Minister a liar. Instead of listening to someone who has been on the ground in Iraq John Kerry believes the CIA's worst case assessment and the press who thrive on death and destruction. He's been listening to Dan Rather and CBS News for far too long to have a clue.

I'm ashamed to have someone like John Kerry running for President.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Iraq, For Those Who Came In Late 

When I was a kid, I loved Sunday mornings. I could hardly wait for the paper to come so I could get to the comics... especially The Phantom, the "Ghost Who Walks." Unlike most of the other comics in my Sunday paper, The Phantom (written by creator Lee Falk until his death in 1999, but inked at that time by Sy Barry) was well-drawn and had ongoing, interesting story arcs. Every once in a while, Falk would go back and explain the family background of his hero, the 21st Phantom. It gave the comic a sense of history and continuity that no other strip had. Each of those retrospectives was a copy of the very first Sunday strip, which showed the first-Phantom-to-be washing up on a 16th century Bengal beach and swearing on the skull of his father's murderer to fight piracy. Each started with a banner saying, For Those Who Came In Late. It was a great way to bring new readers into the ongoing story.

Most people don't pay attention to politics until they have to. For the last year, Democrats and Liberals have been tossing out lies about why we're in Iraq, hoping they stick, and those lies have been debunked over and over. At this point, many who hear John Kerry and his minions repeating the same lies are tempted to laugh it off, since we've "been there, done that." But those lies are not old news to those who have only just begun to pay attention to the campaign speeches. The lies Democrats tell about Iraq need to be exposed again... For Those Who Came In Late.

Lie #1: The Rush To War. There was no rush to war. There were twelve years and seventeen resolutions demanding that Saddam Hussein comply with the 1991 cease-fire agreement that he signed, which specified that he must completely disclose all his weapons programs and materials to the UN. He never did so. The UN Security Council
unanimously issued resolution #1441 in November 2002, which gave Iraq one month as a "final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations", or face "serious consequences." Saddam still did not do so. Rather than "rush to war," President Bush waited three more months for him to acquiesce, giving him further "last chances." At that point, walking away and not forcing Saddam to disarm by force would have destroyed the credibility of both the US and the UN, and Saddam would have won a major victory over both without a shot being fired. No statement or warning by the UN or the US would have ever had weight again.

Lie #2: Going It Alone. The only major countries that did not send troops or support the liberation of Iraq in other ways were France, Germany, Russia and China. It's no coincidence that three of those are the same countries that were trading
illegal arms and other banned materials (like Roland missiles and Mirage helicopter parts from France) to Saddam Hussein in return for lucrative exploitation rights in the West Qurna (Russia), al-Ahdab (China), and Majnoon (France) oil fields, as well as other deals all four had made. Iraq was one of German industry's biggest customers, and Iraq owed Germany billions of dollars, which would probably never be collected if Saddam was forced from power. Their opposition to Saddam's removal was far less based on principal than capital. If we had to "go it alone" in Iraq with our paltry coalition of 46 nations, it was because our "traditional allies" failed us, not the other way around. I'm curious about whether Kerry has any plans to apologise to all the nations he's insulted by calling them "a trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted," just because France didn't join...

Read the rest of the article
Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Reality Bites (If You're a Kerry Supporter) 

This should tell you all you need to know about the state of the Kerry campaign:

Kerry Pulls Campaign Ads From Four States

WASHINGTON - Bowing to political realities, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has canceled plans to begin broadcasting television commercials in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and the perennial battleground of Missouri.

The other day, my law school classmate at UNM showed me some website that called Arkansas "Exactly Tied" and has Arizona "Barely Bush." That is all you need to know about the credibility of that website.

If Kerry is pulling out of those states, that you know he is finished in each of them. His people don't have the luxury of relying on biased polling.
Via Cox and Forkum:

Something to consider about the CBS Panel 

Put this thought away for future reference. Via Professor Bainbridge.

VDH - Man of Brilliance 

Man (or Woman) of Brilliance is the highest compliment we pay here. Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Michelle Malkin are just a few examples. VDH offers this terrific column, which is today's required reading:

The U.N.? Who Cares?

The line of the article, referring to Bush's speech at the U.N. earlier this week:

For Mr. Bush to talk to such folk about the need to spread liberty means removing from power, or indeed jailing, many of the oppressors sitting in his audience.

What Liberal Media? 

Notice these headlines:

From the AP: CBS Names Panel to Probe Bush Guard Story

From the New York "Once Upon A" Times: CBS Names Panel to Investigate Guard Story

From ABC: CBS Names Panel to Probe Bush Guard Story
CBS News Appoints Dick Thornburgh, Louis Boccardi to Probe Story on Bush's Nat'l Guard Service

An honest headline would have read: "CBS Names Panel to Investigate Itself After Airing Fraudulent Bush Documents."

Yeah, that liberal media. Circling the wagons to protect each other.

The Hillary Factor 

For a while now, many people have speculated that the Clinons would subvert the campaign of whatever Democrat won the nomination, in order to have Hillary run for an open seat in 2008. Not that Kerry has needed any help to torpedo his campaign, but the actions of the Clinton's stooge Terry McAullife lately really makes you wonder. From Dick Morris' latest column:

How did the Democrats end up in such a mess? Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe is to blame. It was he who decided to frontload the primaries to produce an early winner. Kerry got the nomination without any real audition. There was never a chance to road-test his candidacy or even to refine his message on a national stage.

McAuliffe is perhaps the biggest loser in the Democrat Party. What a scumbag.

Thomas Sowell - Man of Brilliance 

Thomas Sowell offers another terrific column, this one about John Kerry's "Blank Resume."

Read the whole thing.

He ends with this interesting thought:

How many times must John Kerry insult our intelligence before the voters get it? Incidentally, have you noticed how both the Democrats and the liberal media avoid referring to him as "Senator"? Using that title would raise the awkward question of what John Kerry has actually done in the Senate. Not much.

A Tangled Web 

Is it me or does anyone else find it interesting that a day after CBS News ran their hit piece accusing President Bush of getting preferential admission and treatment in the Texas Air National Guard the Democrat National Committee launches their "Fortunate Son" ad campaign that mirrors the CBS News story? Its really interesting because CBS News Producer Mary Mapes and Bill Burkett, the source for the forged documents spoke to the Kerry campaign's senior advisor Joe Lockhart before the story ran. Plus Bill Burkett spoke to senior Kerry Advisor Max Cleland as well. After his call Lockhart informed Mary Beth Cahill, the Kerry Campaign Manager who then informed John Kerry about the conversation. Another strand to the web is that Cahill even phoned CBS News' other disputed source, Ben Barnes right after his interview to congratulate him.

Maybe I watched the X Files too many times or read too many Hardy Boys Mysteries as a kid but this tangled web that looks an awful lot like coordination between the Kerry campaign and CBS News that needs to be investigated by the Federal Election Commission.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

You must watch this 

Bush's new ad, called "Windsurfing." Brilliant.

More shamelessness from Kerry 

This is pure bullshit:

Kerry: Draft Likely to Return Under Bush

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry citing the war in Iraq and other trouble spots in the world, raised the possibility Wednesday that a military draft could be reinstated if voters re-elect President Bush.

Kerry said he would not bring back the draft and questioned how fairly it was administered in the past.

Answering a question about the draft that had been posed at a forum with voters, Kerry said: "If George Bush were to be re-elected, given the way he has gone about this war and given his avoidance of responsibility in North Korea and Iran and other places, is it possible? I can't tell you

What a lying sack of shit. First, he should go read the Constitution. Only Congress has the power "to raise armies." And, the only people who have introduced any kind of bill for a draft are Democrats Charles Rangel and the hero of Farenheit 911 "Baghdad" Jim McDermott.

The draft would be the death knell for any politican's career, and they know. Besides, our armed forces don't want conscripts.

Pure fear mongering from Kerry, aided and abetted by his lapdogs in the press.

And it ain't just him. It's now a Democrat talking point.

Remember I said this 

2 years from now, Bush will still be here, while Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder, and Kofi Annan will be gone. Chirac and Annan (along with Annan's son Kojo) all belong in prison. Sadly, tehy'll be living high on the hog with all of their filthy lucre, obtained with the blood of countless people.

No wonder... 

...Kerry is so interested in world opinion. The are the ones supporting and financing him. Get this:

AP: Kerry Fund-Raisers Met With S. Korean

(The headline is missing a vital bit of info.)

WASHINGTON - A South Korean man who met with John Kerry's fund-raisers to discuss creating a new political group for Korean-Americans was an intelligence agent for his country, raising concerns among some U.S. officials that either he or his government may have tried to influence this fall's election.

South Korean officials and U.S. officials told The Associated Press that Chung Byung-Man, a consular officer in Los Angeles, actually worked for South Korea's National Intelligence Service.

A spokesman for the South Korean consulate office said Chung was sent home in May amid "speculation" he became involved with the Kerry campaign and Democratic Party through contacts with fund-raiser Rick Yi and that his identity couldn't be discussed further.

Maybe Kerry secretly likes Kobe Tai videos. (Not that there is anything wrong with that) He has a serious fascination with partaking in underhanded dealings with Asians. Vietnamese Commies, Chinese espionage agents, and now South Koreans. Of course, his story will go nowhere. (By the way, what ever happened to that "Israeli spy working on Iraq policy" story? That sure faded quick, and I suspect for different reasons than why this Kerry and the Korean story will be gone in a day.)

Think about all of this for a minute. Kerry has no qualms with granting influence to foreigners. And, he thinks that the British, Italians, Poles, and Aussies, amongst others, are "fraudulent," but wants these guys to help in Iraq:

Twelve French soldiers on peacekeeping duties in Ivory Coast have been arrested in connection with a bank theft there last week.

The troops had been assigned to protect a branch of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) and were charged with stealing $120,000 (100,000 euros).

French military spokesman Colonel Henry Aussavy said the accused soldiers were being sent home to face French justice.

More than 4,000 French troops are serving alongside UN peacekeepers

Yeah, we really need France in Iraq.

Journalistic Laughter 

While reading my hometown (even though I live 1900 miles away now) rag, the Philadelphia Daily News, I laughed my ass of after reading these lines:

Kerry, who frankly has been mealy-mouthed on the subject, this week finally came through with a cogent and compelling vision for how he would win the peace in Iraq.


Kerry has finally come out with a realistic plan. As for President Bush?

Gee, what a surprise. After all, the Philly Daily News proudly reminds everyone every chance they get that they were the first paper in the country to endorse John Kerry, calling him a "serious man for serious times." If there were a honest newspaper, they'd have summed up Kerry's NYU speech like this:

"Kerry proposed many of the things that Bush is already doing. He promised to kiss France and Germany's ass, and proclaimed that they would be involved if Bush only asked nicer. Kerry thinks that Kofi Annan is a man of honor and decency, and is better situated to solve the world's problems than Bush is. And, Kerry thinks the world knows better than we do, despite a long history that would convince any reasonable person to conclude otherwise."

If Kerry keeps this position, no sure thing with his record, he'll give America a clear choice this November 2nd. Either embrace Kerry's pessimism and defeatism, or support Bush's positivism. You already know where we at this blog stand, and I expect America to stand with Bush 41 days from today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004



From Joeham.com

If You Don't Agree With Me 

If you don't agree with me you're an idiot!
If you don't agree with me you're a scumbag!
If you don't agree with me you should shove it!

Oops, sorry. I accidentally channelled Teresa Heinz-Kerry there. You can disagree with me and I'll not resort to personal attacks like the potential next First Lady.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Star Wars Trilogy on DVD 

P.T. Barnum would have loved George Lucas. When Lucas released the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS, I bought it. When he re-released it with TXH sound, I bought it. When he re-released all 3 in the theaters in 1997, I went to see them all. When he released the re-edited versions on VHS, I bought them. My first purchase on eBay was the Chinese sub-titles DVD's, bought from a guy in Hong Kong. Now, Lucas has finally been kind enough to allow me to fork over another $40 to buy the triolgy on DVD. And, I must tell you, these are worth every damn penny.

I could not sleep tonight because I knew Wal-Mart would be selling them at midnight, so I got out of bed and bought the set. The bonus features are top-notch. The 9-minute segment on the evolution of Darth Vader and and the documentary on the making of Star Wars are both terrific. The best part is hearing David Prowse, the actor who filled the Darth Vader costume, speaking the Vader lines before James Earl Jones' voice was overdubbed. Simply hilarious.

I wasn't the only one who could not wait. There were 2 registers open, and when I got in line to pay, I counted 6 people in front of me. All were buying the trilogy. Half of the display was already gone, and I bought my set at about 12:20 a.m. Lucas is sitting at the Skywalker Ranch and laughing his ass off at dopes like me. But, in the spirit of capitalism, to paraphrase a line from Star Wars, "Who's the more foolish? The fool who charges you for the same thing over and over again, or the fool who pays it over and over again?"

What does this have to do with John Kerry? Well, he would have called Han Solo a cowboy, Obi-Wan a war monger, and demanded that we reach out to Darth Vader and address the root causes of his anger. He would have called Jabba the Hut a statesman, and would have offered fuel for the Death Star. He would have said Yoda mislead the Rebellion into war, and that Admiral Ackbar led a fraudulent coalition who rushed to war against The Galactic Empire. He would have complained that the Ewoks have inadequate health care and that if Luke and his friends just stayed on Tatooine, The Empire would have never attacked. He would have threatened to arrest Governor Tuck and threatened to impose sanctions on the Empire for its destruction of Alderaan.

Or, he would have been C-3PO. Robotic and a naysayer about everything.

(You have a better Kerry-Star Wars analogy? Let's hear it in the comments.)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Kerry to Saddam: You was done wrong mon ami 

Get the opening part of this AP story:

NEW YORK - Staking out new ground on Iraq,

Ha! Must be this week's "new ground." I just loved how they spun his flip-flopping. Back to the story:

NEW YORK - Staking out new ground on IraqSen. John Kerry said Monday he would not have overthrown Saddam Hussein had he been in the White House, and he accused President Bush of "stubborn incompetence," dishonesty and colossal failures of judgment. Bush said Kerry was flip-flopping.

I'm sure those leftist dirtbags at NYU loved that. But, really, does Kerry and his latest band of advisors really think he can just keep throwing out things until something sticks? Someone needs to tell him he isn't running for the Democrat nomination anymore. The only plausible explanation for this nonsense is that Kerry's people are insecure about their base.

If you are a Kerry supporter, then read this Michael Moore pep talk that should help you feel better.

One other thing. Tonight, Michael Moore spoke in Camden, NJ, and a great friend of mine who has lost his marbles went to see him. At the same time, our Philadelphia Eagles were playing the Vik-Queens on Monday Night Football. You must be a real jerkoff to go see Michael Moore instead of watching the Eagles game. While my friend Mike isn't a jerkoff, he surely was surrounded by them tonight.

20 Reasons to Vote FOR John Kerry 

I'm beginning to feel sorry for most "supporters" of John Kerry. No matter how many times they're asked why anyone should vote for him, they never seem to have an answer except "he's not Bush." I'm not speaking of the far-far-looney Left, for whom that answer is enough; I'm referring to moderate Democrats who want to support Kerry out of party loyalty, but can't quite convince themselves of his suitability for office. Whatever a Kerry supporter's pet issue is, he or she never seems able to give a solid reason why Kerry would deal with it better than Bush would, and give details about precisely how. All they can do it complain about President Bush. Even those who support Kerry's plan for socialised medicine (the same system which is falling apart in Canada) can't explain how it would be paid for. Raising taxes on those making over $200,000 a year would generate less than $250 billion over ten years, which would only cover a portion of the estimated $1 trillion cost. (They also can't explain why Kerry the health-care crusader doesn't seem to have introduced any legislation concerning his best issue at any point during his 20-year Senate career.) In any case, Kerry supporters seem to need help. Well, help is on the way! If you're looking for a reason to actually support Kerry, instead of joining up with the anti-Bush, anti-military, anti-industry, anti-capitalism, anti-Israel, anti-America crowd typified by Michael Moore, the Hollywood Left, and sign-waving protesters in the streets, then here are twenty reasons for you to consider as your reason to vote for John Kerry.

20. Israel's security fence really is both a "legitimate act of self defense" and a "barrier to peace," and
at the same time.
19. In fact, no matter what you believe about any issue, Kerry's on your side 50% of the time. Unfortunately, if there are three sides to an issue, he's only with you 33%.
18. Anyone who had the foresight to bring
his own Super 8 movie camera to Vietnam to shoot campaign commercials for when he got back home is okay by you.
17. Kerry should be President because, as he said, he was
born in the "west wing" of a hospital. This has nothing to do with all the other people ever born in the west wings of all the hospitals in the world, however.
16. You believe that Saddam was a threat with nuclear weapons. After all,
John Kerry himself said, "If you don't believe ... Saddam Hussein is a threat with nuclear weapons, then you shouldn't vote for me." Of course, that would make the liberation of Iraq the right thing to do then, wouldn't it? Maybe you'd better skip this one.
15. He and John Edwards have "
better hair." Aren't you glad Don King isn't running?
14. The company you work for doesn't pay enough taxes. If they did, they wouldn't have money in the budget to waste on you.
Europe wants him to be our President, which automatically means that you should, too... if you want to be popular when you visit your family in France, that is.
12. Kerry was in Vietnam for a few months 35 years ago, and he still remembers how to
curse like a sailor!
Kim Jong Il prefers him, Iranian mullahs and other unnamed foreign leaders would certainly prefer him, and the CPUSA (US Communist Party) prefers him. You don't want them mad at you, do you?
10. He owns American-made SUVs... no, no, wait,
his FAMILY does. Sorry.
9. He was in Vietnam for a few months 35 years ago -- did you know that? He was in Cambodia, too. The memory of his
secret mission on Christmas Day 1968 was seared -- seared -- in him. Or maybe it was some other time, or some other place, or some other guy. But he has a hat to prove it... whatever it is.
8. John Kerry said that he believes we "need to build multilateral support for whatever course of action we ultimately would take."
America should never act on its own, like other countries do.
7. He was the only Vietnam veteran to be honored by
both America and the North Vietnamese for his activities during the Vietnam War.
6. The best way to deal with terrorism is to
wait until they hit us again. "Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response," Kerry said when he accepted the Democrat nomination.
5. After years of marrying rich women, shouldn't he finally have his own house?
4. Although he would raise your taxes, his speech explaining why would cure your insomnia.
3. You've probably already forgotten that he was in Vietnam for a few months 35 years ago.
2. As well as revealing at various times that he's
Irish (but really Czech), Catholic (but really Jewish), and Liberal (but really Conservative), he will also be the second "black" President.
1. Ketchup packets with the presidential seal! How cool is that?

Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog

And Now You Know The Rest Of The Story 

Thirteen days after running with a story assaulting the President about his Texas Air National Guard Service whose sources were one of John Kerry's biggest financial supporters and some mysterious documents that took about five minutes for people on the net to expose as forgeries it looks like CBS is finally going to admit that they were duped. I say ok, as long as they apologize to the Texas Air National Guard, the family of Jerry Killian, the American people and most importantly to President Bush. I have my doubts that all of those apologies will happen because it has become evident throughout this debacle that those at CBS wanted those memos to be true so that they could cause President Bush to lose in November because those at CBS News support John Kerry at any cost.

What probably won't get reported on today that interests me greatly was that the source for the forgeries, a die hard Democrat, contacted the Kerry campaign about them and coordinated with Senator Max Cleland, one of John Kerry's top advisors before sending them off to CBS News. This is the real story and should be hung around John Kerry's neck like a cement life preserver. It may be that Kerry was not let into the loop about the forgeries. If so he should have the decency to fire all of those involved from his campaign immediately and publicly. Of course like my doubts about CBS I have them that John Kerry will do the right thing.

Click here to read Paul Drabek's Blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Caption Contest 2 

My friends, put your creative minds to work.

Hmmm..what's missing here 

If you are an African-American, tell me again why you give 90% of your vote to the Democrats. Take a look at this:

Undated file photos of possible members of a John Kerry presidential Cabinet. Top row, from left are, former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart; former Georgia Sen. max Cleland; Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack; former Vermont Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and jamie Gorelick. Bottom row, from left are, Sen. maria Cantwell, D-Wash.; former North carolina Gov. Jim Hunt; Rep. Richard Gephardt, D-Mo.; former United Nations Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and retired Gen. Merrill McPeak. (AP Photo/Files)

You mean there is not one, NOT ONE African-American qualified enough to be seriously considered? Wise up my friends. Stop listening to the race-baiters and the race-profiteers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP leadership, Elijah Cummings, Charles Rangel, etc and seriously consider joining a party that will give qualified individuals real power, opportunity, and respect.

Still think the CBS documents were real? 

If this doesn't convince you they are fake, they you are a bigger dope than that guy who e-mailed me a few posts back. And he was a HUGE dope.

One More Reason... 

...to like Bush is the fact that "Hanoi Jane" Fonda hates him. He must be doing something right.

E-mail of the day 

As always, opposing viewpoints are welcome and posted here. We don't sick our team of lawyers on dissenting opinions like good ol' Johnny does. I got this unsigned e-mail yesterday:

The heading of the e-mail:

Interesting Site full of massive distortions and Republican Misrepresentations - We all know Nixon, I mean Republican's do not lie

Nixon? He's been dead for 11 years or so now. What does he have to do with anything? The body of the e-mail, and, as usal, my comments are in bold.:

Hey Buddy,

You are about one more year of W away from another great depression. (Great Depression? If my Grandma were alive today, she'd smack you in the face for saying that.) In
fact, it's the reason I'm voting for poor George. I figure four more years
of this guy and we won't have to hear from Republicans for another 50 years
(Read Coolidge/Hoover). (Uh, it was 20 years, actually. FDR was elected in 1932, and Eisenhower was elected in 1952. But, I'd love to hear someone explain how FDR got us out of the Great Depression, because any honest look at history will tell you he worsened it and extended it for a lot longer than it had to be. What started the Depression? The Smoot-Hawley tariff, very similar to the protectionist policies the Democrats advocate today. And, will someone tell me one instance of where higher taxation stimulated the economy? I wish the economy was shit sometimes. Then I wouldn't have to wait 2 hours to eat at P.F. Chang's)

Explain this to me - How can you be for a guy (unless you blame Bill
Clinton) who has the country 6 trillion dollar in debt, lost over 900,000
jobs in four years, squandered our chance to get Bin Laden by going into
Iraq, the list goes on and on. This guy is a disaster and you can't come to
terms with it. (6 trillion? Wow!!! Why not say a zillion doallars while you're at it? Bin Laden is dead, by the way.)

I read a sign the other day, "Boots or Flip-Flops," a Dick and Bush sign.
Are you guys serious, a guy who actually wore boots and bleed for the
country in Vietnam or two guys who gained deferments and light duty at best. (You mean the same guy who openly admitted he committed war crimes and slandered our troops then, just as he still does today?)

By the way, I agree that Kerry's voting record in the Senate is fair game;
but, distorting it and misrepresenting it is not. (Maybe you're right. Since Kerry has ZERO Senate record, to discuss it would distort that truth. Name me one thing he has accomplished in 19 years there?)

So, we have a President who stole the last election and is no doing whatever
unethical thing he can do this time to finally get elected. And people
wonder why I can't be a Republican. (Yeah, OK. The only instance of vote suppression in the 2000 election was when Gore tried to discount military ballots over a postmark. Show me proof of how 1 million blacks were disenfranchised. Not an accusation, proof. You have none.)

Look I do not have to listen to what W says, I just have to read his lips.
I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree
. (His Dad stupidly thought he could work with the Democrats, that he was being a "uniter," and signed their tax bill, and lost the election over it. Unlike Democrats, who don't care if Democrats lie, Republicans hold their own accountable. That's why Perot got 19% of the vote, allowing Clinton to win with 43% of the vote)

Please still vote for Bush, regardless of your reason.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Weekend Fun 

Caption Contest. Winner gets, well, nothing:

Have at it.

Told you so 

Did I, or did I not, tell you that Ted Kennedy is poison for Kerry in Pennsylvania?

Get this:

Kennedy won't campaign for Kerry in our area after all

NANTICOKE: The death of Mary Jo Kopechne comes up as a possible reason

First, Ted was coming. Now, he's not.
U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy will stump for presidential candidate John Kerry in Harrisburg and perhaps Pittsburgh tomorrow, but he won't swing through Northeastern Pennsylvania.

A hinted stop in Nanticoke by the liberal Massachusetts Democrat is off the itinerary, according to Kennedy's spokesman.

On Wednesday, local officials heard Kennedy would be in the area to campaign for Kerry, the other Massachusetts senator. By midday, the visit had fizzled.

"Senator Kennedy will not be in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Friday," said Kerry campaign spokesman Mark Nevins, confirming a local visit had been discussed, but not finalized.

Carole Lewis, director of the Luzerne County Area Agency on Aging, said she received a phone call Wednesday morning from someone asking permission for Kennedy to visit the Nanticoke Senior Center to discuss senior health care issues.

"We were just asked if he could come and speak about it, because he is a sitting official and health care is something our seniors really care about," Lewis said. "But it wasn't long after that when someone called back and said that it had been canceled."

Also, one source close to the Kerry campaign said the Kennedy visit to Nanticoke was a "done deal" as of Tuesday night.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the event was canceled by early Wednesday, soon after news reports of the visit surfaced.

Although no reason has been given for the cancellation, it's possible that Kennedy's ties to the area still haunt him.

Kennedy became forever entwined with the Wyoming Valley on July 18, 1969, when the car he was driving plunged off Dike Bridge into a pond on Chappaquiddick Island, Mass. His passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, a Forty Fort native and Democratic campaign worker, drowned.

Those memories stick with area residents, said one source.

"I think people who were Kerry supporters told the campaign that they were crazy to bring Kennedy here. If he comes, it's going to be a negative, black mark for Kerry."

Kerry's sister, Peggy Kerry, will visit Hanover Township on Sunday as an attendee of Luzerne County District Attorney David Lupas' annual Fall Gathering at the Catholic War Veterans Grove

Kennedy is scum, pure and simple. And outside of Taxachussetts, he's lower than dog shit.

Good News 

It still sucks to be John Kerry as evidenced in some of the latest polls:

CBS News Poll: Bush: 50% Kerry: 41%

Gallup Poll: Bush 55% Kerry 42%

My thoughts are that Kerry and the liberals with mounting evidence that they're up a creek without a paddle will just resort to more lunacy like this weeks forged documents flap and their shrill tone which will in turn just drive more nails into their coffin. My gut prediction is Bush over Kerry 60-40 in the popular election and way ahead in the Electoral College with a hundred point spread in votes between them.

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Kerry is a gutless worm 

Why didn't Kerry say any of this bullshit yesterday when he was in front of the National Guard in Las Vegas? After all, wouldn't they be affected the most if this was true?

Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding Troops Plan

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Democratic Sen. John Kerry on Friday accused the Bush administration of hiding a plan to mobilize more National Guard and Reserve troops after the election while glossing over a worsening conflict in Iraq.

"He won't tell us what congressional leaders are now saying, that this administration is planning yet another substantial call-up of reservists and Guard units immediately after the election," Kerry said. "Hide it from people through the election, then make the move

Sadly, I live in Albuquerque and Kerry has left a real stench in my adopted hometown. But, really, I am wrong here? If he was going to accuse Bush of doing something that will seriously affect the National Guard, shouldn't they be the audience he makes this "announcement" to?

There is a reason the National Guard recieved him rather coldly. They, the people who will do the dirty work, know exactly who Kerry is and what he is about. If you are a Kerry supporter, aslk yourself why are supporting such a gutless two-faced dirtbag, who is morally bankrupt.

The Next Forged Documents 

Since the Democrats and their forged documents can't stop the Bush juggernaut it looks like this week's "scandal" is going to be that there's a secret plan to send more troops to Iraq after the election. Here's Kerry attempting to create another scandal in attempt to bail out his sinking ship:
"He won't tell us what congressional leaders are now saying, that this administration is planning yet another substantial call-up of reservists and guard units immediately after the election," Kerry said. "Hide it from people through the election, then make the move."

Wait a minute; didn't Kerry want to send more troops to Iraq if elected?
"If it requires more troops in order to create the stability that eliminates the chaos that's what we have to do." - John Kerry

So the real question is which Democrat operative is going to make a trip to a Kinkos this week and fax off some more "genuine" or "recreated" documents outlining Bush's nefarious plan to CBS News?

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Is there a bigger tool... 

...Alan Colmes? No wonder Hannity has 420 stations and 2 best-sellers, while COlmes has a show on 10 affiliates (and needs Fox News Radio to get them) and a book that bombed.

I was just watching Colmes try to defend Kerry and Oliver North and Hannity couldn't contain their laughter. Colmes is a dope.

Talking to the pollsters 

As I have said many times, I think polls are mostly crap, so I only menton them to mock them. But today, I checked the Rasmussen polling because they called me last night here in New Mexico, and I spoke to the guy for 5 minutes. I'll just give you this question and answer. It's all you need to know:

Pollster: "On a scale from 1 to 4, but 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest, how would you rate John Kerry?"

Me: "9"

They also asked about Heather Wilson, our Republican congresswoman running for re-election. of course I'll be voting for her too.

More old liberal media tomfoolery 

Get this howler from the always relaible Los Angeles Times, on the front page no less:

Long a Republican Bulwark, a Growing Arizona Is in Play

Now look at this, buried in the 18th paragraph:

A poll taken for the Arizona Republic and released last week showed Bush ahead of Kerry, 54% to 38%. In contrast, the newspaper's polls in August and June had Bush ahead of Kerry by just 3 percentage points, a lead within the survey's margin of error.

How hilarious is that? Take a look at the writer's name:

By Maria L. La Ganga, Times Staff Writer

That is what she must be smoking.

CFR has come to this 

New organization pokes fun at Kerry’s football fumbles — like ‘Lambert Field’

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has a new political attack group to contend with.

Two Washington-based lawyers supporting President Bush’s re-election have registered an advocacy group, Football Fans for Truth, as a Section 527 organization allowed to accept unlimited political donations. They plan to publicize Kerry’s recent sports misstatements such as his reference to the home of the Green Bay Packers as “Lambert Field” instead of Lambeau Field.

Other gaffes they hope to bring wider attention to include Kerry’s talk of the Buckeyes — the nickname of Ohio State University’s team — while campaigning in University of Michigan Wolverine territory.

Lawyers Jeff Larroca and Dino Panagopoulos, both members of the law firm Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, said in a conference call Wednesday they have no plans to raise large amounts of cash.

Instead, they hope to get free publicity from sports talk radio and other media.

“Our goal is to basically find ways to get out the political humor about John Kerry’s unsuitability to be sportsman-in-chief,” Larroca said

Hil-f'n-larious!! I need to start Philadelphia Eagles fans against rich men who marry heiresses and run for President!

By the way, Kerry starting tanking in the Wisconsin polls after calling the frozen tundra, "Lambert Field." Coincidence? I think not. Packers fans are good people, and you can't get away with that shit on them.

Inside The Liberal Mind 

This afternoon I got an email from a young conservative asking for some advice in dealing with a foaming at the mouth liberal who posts to a site that's intended for young girls. Her opinion was that his goal is to make President Bush, conservatives and Republicans look evil to young and impressionable minds in order to sway votes for this and future elections. After checking out the site it became obvious that her diagnosis of the situation was dead on and I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to look into the mind of a liberal and see how it ticks.
On The Media:
What do you need another Republican mouthpiece for? From all branches of government, to FoxNews, conservative talk-radio, Drudge Report, and the corporate media you get nothing but Republican views.
Ok, what about CBS News? What about ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Air America and 90% of the newspapers in America? Those are all media outlets with a liberal slant but the liberal mind is just offended and shocked that conservatives have even one media outlett. If this person had his way speech would only be free for liberals and I'd have a gag in my mouth.

On The Truth:
What the world needs more of is the truth and Republicans and the truth are like oil and water -- they don't mix. What you will hear from me is what the Republicans won't tell you: don't believe all you hear, verify your information, does it pass the dittohead test (that is, are people just repeating what they're told?)
Truth, what about John Kerry's "I was in Cambodia on Christmas 1968" lie? I like his nice bit of brainwashing in there...listen to me only don't listen to Republicans because they're evil and will lie to you. If you want to talk about repeating just flip across the channels and listen to liberals after any controversy comes out and they're all saying the exact same words.

On What He Thinks Goes Through The Conservative Mind:

I'm going to do my best to give you the typical Republican answer to the points you made: "You're a fucking commie pinko Canadian bastard! You shut the hell up or we'll go up there and bomb the crap out of you and turn your stupid country into a state. eh"
In any of my debates on here have I called anyone a "fucking pinko commie bastard'? The conservative way of debate is through logic and facts and this statement fits the liberal side more because all they're running on and debating with are feelings. You can't win a debate with feelings that's why liberals constantly try to shut the debate down by calling conservatives Nazis, racists or homophobes.

This sort of a mind is what we're up against. I don't trust it to keep the country running, our borders secure, the economy going and my son safe.

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